Increase visibility and reduce risk with Convercent Disclosures

Increase Visibility and Reduce Risk

Convercent’s COI software, Disclosures, provides you with the ability to track, manage and monitor disclosures on an ongoing basis. Convercent’s straightforward interface separates disclosure management from traditional case management to encourage employees to report potential conflicts of interest.

  • Enable employees to update and maintain their disclosure status at anytime, eliminating the need to recreate previous disclosures while reducing your teams’ need to constantly follow-up.
  • Gauge the effectiveness of your disclosure program by viewing questionnaire progress and tracking completion rates in real time.
  • Save valuable time and gain ethics and compliance team efficiency by removing the need for manual disclosure collections.
  • Correlate disclosure information with helpline-reported issues to visualize potential conflicts and prevent them from becoming issues.
  • Allow ethics and compliance professionals to proactively gather information and complete due diligence to protect their organization.



The key requirements to a successful
COI management program.

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If we’re going to make sure our employees are disclosing what they need to disclose, that process needs to be easy; it can’t be cumbersome or confusing.

They need to be able to use an intuitive interface that allows them to complete their obligations and move on. We realized that competitive advantage in Convercent.”

Mike Ward
Deputy General Counsel, VP & Chief Compliance Officer
Juniper Networks

Automate the distribution and approval of disclosure questionnaires to targeted employee groups with smart disclosure workflows

Smart Disclosure Workflows

Automate the distribution and approval of disclosure questionnaires to targeted employee groups by using attributes from your Human Resources business system. Customize each workflow with specific rules, messages and reminders, and then track completion rates. Step in only when your input is required to review, update or archive disclosures.

  • Rules-based campaigns deliver targeted questionnaires to the right audience, at the right time. For example, director-level questionnaires are automatically sent when Convercent recognizes a title change from manager to director.
  • Drive completion with predefined messages and reminders leading up to, and after, the due date. Utilize escalation emails to notify managers of delinquent employees.
  • Coming soon: Fully customizable approval routing, automated approval types, and risk-based multi-stage approval processes

Identify Potential Issues Before They Happen

What if you could visualize every potential conflict of interest in one place? What if gifts, financial interests, outside activities, personal relationships, and more could all be organized for careful analysis?

Convercent Disclosures gives ethics and compliance professionals a central dashboard for disclosure information, empowering them to analyze potential risks and maintain compliance with FSG, SOX, NYSE 303A, COSO, and more.

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  • Integration with leading HR Software
  • Monitor dashboards & KPIs
  • Benchmark your programs
  • Compare employee activity with actions
  • Get a full 360˚ view of campaigns, training and policy in the context of your entire compliance program

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