Foresight is 20/20

Forget hindsight—data silos and reactive policies and training that simply look in the rearview mirror. Instead, use your data to see what lies ahead.

Demonstrate Program Value

When employees can contribute to the integrity of the company without fear of retaliation, they invest in the company mission with increased performance and loyalty. Convercent Insights dashboards allow you to visualize incidents and disclosures without spreadsheets. You can quickly see outliers and take action to mitigate risk and improve company culture. You can also demonstrate your program's progress and value to your board.

Know Your Culture’s Pulse

  • Quickly and visually review substantiated violations and identify outliers through regional and functional heat maps.
  • Identify behavioral factors influencing issues, such as bribery or harassment, and drill down to individual cases for root cause analysis.
  • Conduct meaningful analysis and risk assessment across thousands of issues and conflict-of-issue disclosures.

Leverage Root-Cause Analysis

Convercent Insights helps you see past the issue to uncover the root cause. You can delve into issues such as abuse of company resources, fraud and harassment, and associated root causes such as communication style and cultural influences. This functionality helps you diagnose and proactively address key risk areas and allocate resources accordingly. Use root-cause analysis to drive change and support a sustainable culture of integrity.

Improve Team Productivity

  • Reduce manual data collection and report writing by automatically distributing dashboards to your CEO and board on the metrics that matter.
  • Determine how policy and training programs correlate to and affect employee engagement and issues reported.
  • Measure case open and close cycle times along with case volume.

Convercent Insights will ensure we are not only listening to our invaluable team members, but will enable us to proactively enhance our employment environment and ultimately our guests’ experience.

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Off the Charts

Welcome to the new era of data-driven ethics and compliance with Convercent Insights. It's a whole new way to measure and achieve success.