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Reporting, Analytics & Benchmarking

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Insights in the Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform provides powerful reporting, analytics, and benchmarking tools

Convercent Insights gives you the big picture and a true ethical health analysis

Powerful change starts with powerful visibility

True ethical health analysis requires being able to see the big picture. Relying on out-of-context reports from disconnected applications and manual processes, prevents you from gaining the critical information necessary for a comprehensive view.

Unfortunately, many ethics and compliance professionals struggle to see correlations between their reported case incidents and their overall business performance.


Break down your data silos.

With Convercent Insights, you can not only visually get a quick temperature check of the ethical health of your organization, but also interact with the data and perform deep data analysis using our integrated Ethics Cloud Platform.

Ethics and compliance leaders can use integrated data analysis to drive decision making.

  • View company-wide incidents, campaigns and disclosure KPIs in centralized dashboards.
  • View hot spots and dark spots of risk with geographical
    heat maps.
  • Interact with our collection of dashboards and benchmark data that enable our customers to analyze and improve their ethics and compliance programs from both an operational and effectiveness standpoint.
  • Analyze trends and underlying root causes for any time range. Gain insight from your data to distill the right message to your board and C-suite.

With Convercent Insights, Ethics and compliance leaders can use integrated data analysis to drive decision making

Convercent Insights has provided us with actionable data, no matter what type of information and format, we can now do it.

The initial dashboards that Convercent has created are well thought out and well done and it makes our job going forward much, much easier. We have business intelligence for the first time as opposed to always being behind the eight ball.

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David Duffy Senior Manager Corporate Security & Investigations,
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Enable Effective Ethics and Compliance Leadership

Equipped with comprehensive data and strategic analysis tools, E&C professionals can lead proactively and promote positive change in their organizations. Reduce time spent preparing board reports from weeks to minutes and leverage compelling visualizations that track program effectiveness.

  • Understand where disconnects exist in company culture
  • Obtain visibility into gaps in internal controls and processes for high risk areas
  • Identify risk areas where your brand may be exposed
  • Make insightful decisions that lead to proactive intervention
  • Demonstrate the value of your program to the board and elevate the visibility of your E&C program
  • Identify the root causes of the employee behaviors causing to ethical challenges

Ethics and Compliance professionals use Insights to promote change with compelling data visualizations and ethics program tracking

Convercent Insights allows you to benchmark your compliance program by comparing your data to best-in-class programs

Benchmark your compliance program

Refine your compliance program strategy by comparing your data to best-in-class programs, or benchmark within your organization with the first embedded real-time benchmarking tool for ethics & compliance professionals. Now you can get quantifiable analysis and world-wide context to support better business decisions and investment in your program.

Compare your program by:

  • Industry
  • Company size
  • Department
  • Geography
  • And more

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