The Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform includes:

  • Board Reporting
  • Hotline Services
  • Case Management
  • Policy Management
  • Online Training
  • COI Management
  • Third-Party Risk
  • Compliance Experts

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What makes Convercent different?


Ensure your company satisfies regulatory requirements through online policy attestations, training completions, and investigations.

Brand Protection

Increase employee engagement through easy-to-use helpline and disclosures. Gaining employee trust means issues are reported internally and not in social media.


Use prebuilt dashboards and benchmarking to automate board reporting and visualize problem areas for root-cause analysis.

Root-Cause Analysis

Understand ethics and compliance organizational risk through behavioral and environmental influences that contributed to misconduct.

Convercent’s products and services give us the tools and information we need to measure our ethics and compliance program and continuously improve our performance in living out the Kimberly-Clark values globally.

Kurt Drake Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer