The Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform™

A Unified Suite of Applications for Connecting Ethics to Business Performance

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Employee Engagement

Engage Employees in E&C Programs

Bring E&C into the everyday business by actively engaging employees at the right time, with the right message, on the right medium.


Identify, Characterize & Mitigate E&C Risk

Ensure that E&C risks are quickly surfaced & understood so they can be successfully managed & mitigated.

Protect and Elevate

Protect & Elevate the Brand

Develop the connection between the organization’s workforce, mission, vision & values to secure & strengthen your brand value.

Engage employees with topical and current information with Convercent’s interactive code of conduct

Ethics & Compliance Portal IconEthics & Compliance Portal

Employee Engagement & Awareness

Engage employees with topical and current information that serves as a jumping off point for your entire program.

  • Send proactive and tactical campaigns
  • Easy to maintain, one place for everything
  • Fully branded and customizable
  • Deep engagement-based analytics

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Intake & Case Manager

Enable easy employee reporting and smart case management.

  • Provide text, web, phone, and open door intake options
  • Investigate allegations and capture root cause
  • Improve employee engagement and foster a “speak up” culture

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The Convercent Helpline integrates a compliance hotline and case management into one platform

Manage, distribute and track policies from one location.

Policy Manager IconPolicy Manager

Policy Distribution, Lifecycle Management, and Reporting

Manage, distribute and track policies from one location.

  • Online attestation and management of policies
  • Capture encrypted, time- and date-stamped electronic signatures within the policy
  • Automate manager escalations with auto-notifications for incomplete employee actions
  • Micro-target user populations by any campaign attribute, geographic location or function

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Learning IconLearning

Training & Education

Ethics and Compliance Education and Communication

  • Leverage our open content platform for interactive education and training
  • Distribute targeted employee communications
  • View real-time training and policy status for any employee, department or region
  • Centralize training, risks, policies, cases and disclosures with automated campaigns to reduce redundancy, fatigue and training gaps

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Convercent’s Campaigns integrates policy management, training, and communication in one easy to use platform

Disclosures makes it easy to capture conflicts of interest for proactive risk management


Conflicts of Interest, Gifts, Travel & Entertainment

Capture Conflicts of Interest (COI) and Gifts, Travel & Entertainment (GT&E) disclosures for proactive risk management.

  • Send questionnaires to custom employee groups
  • Easily review, approve, and update disclosures
  • Document both affirmative and negative disclosure responses

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Reporting, Analytics & Benchmarking

No more data silos. Gain unprecedented visibility into your ethics and compliance programs.

  • Visualize incidents and KPIs
  • Identify patterns in ethics data and reduce risk
  • Get to the root cause of issues

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compliance benchmarking and analytics solution

Not just Compliance Software,

But a platform designed to help you Engage Employees, Influence Behavior, and Eliminate Risk.

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