The Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform™

A Unified Suite of Applications for Connecting Ethics to Business Performance

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Engage Employees in E&C Programs

Bring E&C into the everyday business by actively engaging employees at the right time, with the right message, on the right medium.

Identify, Characterize & Mitigate E&C Risk

Ensure that E&C risks are quickly surfaced & understood so they can be successfully managed & mitigated.

Protect & Elevate the Brand

Develop the connection between the organization’s workforce, mission, vision & values to secure & strengthen your brand value.


Intake & Case Manager

Enable easy employee reporting and smart case management.

  • Provide text, web, phone, and open door intake options
  • Investigate allegations and capture root cause
  • Improve employee engagement and foster a “speak up” culture

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The Convercent Helpline integrates a compliance hotline and case management into one platform

Convercent’s campaigns solution makes it easy to automate policy and training management


Communication, Policy & Learning

Automate policy and training management.

  • Access online attestation and management of policies
  • Enable content- and vendor-agnostic interactive training
  • Distribute targeted employee communications

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Conflicts of Interest, Gifts, Travel & Entertainment

Capture Conflicts of Interest (COI) and Gifts, Travel & Entertainment (GT&E) disclosures for proactive risk management.

  • Send questionnaires to custom employee groups
  • Easily review, approve, and update disclosures
  • Document both affirmative and negative disclosure responses

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Disclosures makes it easy to capture conflicts of interest for proactive risk management

compliance benchmarking and analytics solution


Reporting, Analytics & Benchmarking

No more data silos. Gain unprecedented visibility into your ethics and compliance programs.

  • Visualize incidents and KPIs
  • Identify patterns in ethics data and reduce risk
  • Get to the root cause of issues

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Interactive Code of Conduct

The front door of your E&C program

Engage employees with topical and current information. Refresh regularly to maintain currency and relevance.

  • Drive periodic campaigns to reinforce engagement
  • Easy to maintain, one place for everything
  • Fully branded and customizable
  • Deep engagement-based analytics

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Engage employees with topical and current information with Convercent’s interactive code of conduct

Not just Compliance Software,

But a platform designed to help you Engage Employees, Influence Behavior, and Eliminate Risk.

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