Your code of conduct sets the tone for your entire compliance program

As the backbone of your entire compliance program, your code of conduct should be well thought out, executed and successfully and consistently distributed to all your employees and third party vendors. A successful code reflects your company, is clear and easy to read, localized so all employees understand its meaning, is not too long, explains the reasoning behind policies instead of laying out blanket rules and is coupled with attestation tracking, related training courses and hotline reports and investigations. That’s a tall order. Give your code of conduct a home where it can live and breath. Convercent’s integrated software serves as a central hub for compliance professionals to distribute, track, monitor and update their code of conduct and other policies.

White Paper: Creating Great Company Policies

Creating Great Company Policies:
10 Tips for Better Policy Management

Great company policies are clear and concise, applied consistently and updated continuously—so that employees have a solid foundation for ethical behavior. They address internal values and external laws, form the basis of training programs and play an integral role in incident investigations. That's a tall order.

In this white paper, Creating Great Company Policies: 10 Lessons for Better Policy Management, we'll give you all the tips and guidance you need to create and manage policies that fit the bill. In it, you'll find:

  • 10 lessons based on 10+ years of policy management experience
  • Tips for identifying the policies you needGuidelines for writing and updating your policies
  • Help integrating your values, policies and training programs

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