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Driving Efficiency into Compliance & Ethics Processes

Managing compliance and ethics has become a complex web of processes and information. The modern organization is constantly changing: new employees, shifting employees and responsibilities, evolving business processes, new and changed regulations/obligations, growing ethical concerns, and greater scrutiny from stakeholders, […]

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How to conduct remote investigations

How to conduct remote compliance investigations

Remote compliance investigations have become a challenge since the onset of COVID-19 nearly six months ago. Ethics and compliance teams everywhere—plus legal teams and HR teams—have been talking about how to conduct remote compliance investigations, and the topic is showing […]

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Cutting-edge policy portal now expected by the DOJ

Have you put much thought into your policy portal? If not, maybe it’s time to start. Buried deep within the DOJ’s recent updated guidance are two new sentences that deserve special attention: “Have the policies and procedures been published in […]

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DOJ 2020 Update: Key takeaways for compliance

Last week, the Department of Justice (DOJ), without fanfare, released an update to its 2019 Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs. For simplicity, I’ll call this new document the DOJ 2020 Update. The DOJ 2020 Update is most welcome news for […]

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Speaking up. Taking action.

Two weeks ago, the world watched Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneel on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, ending in Floyd’s tragic and unnecessary death. While he was dying, three more officers did nothing but stand […]

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The Front Line of Business: Compliance teams are essential workers

Do you see compliance as a mission-critical function within your company? More importantly—does your leadership see it that way? This month, Convercent Chief Strategy Officer Philip Winterburn moderated a Compliance Week panel making the case that “Compliance Teams are Essential […]

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conflict of interest disclosures management

How to Manage Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Visibility into your organization is more important than ever, and disclosures are a key source of information for your compliance program. Ensure that you’re maximizing participation in the disclosure process with these resources that we’ve put together all about conflict […]

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bystander intervention

Empower employees to end unethical behavior

“If you see it, say it” is a common phrase in the ethics & compliance world.  If an employee sees unethical action in the workplace—be it corruption, harassment, conflicts, unauthorized information sharing, or the likes—they should report it to their […]

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Q1 2020 Anti-Corruption Enforcement

Q1 2020 Anti-Corruption Enforcements

The first quarter of 2020 provided some interesting insights for the compliance professional. While there were only two announced corporate FCPA resolutions, they were both significant. There were a large number of individual FCPA anti-corruption enforcement actions, including plea agreements, […]

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8 steps to maximize your employee helpline

8 Steps to Maximize Your Employee Helpline

The employee helpline is one of the most dynamic and meaningful tools a compliance professional has at their disposal. Paired with the right metrics solution, it can act as an early warning system, arming you against crises, investigations, and negative […]

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