GRC for Conflict of Interest Management Illustration

Employee Conflicts of Interest (COI) present a huge management challenge in today’s widespread and complex organizations.

This infographic from the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) and Convercent gives you an illustrated view of the processes a complete Conflicts of Interest (COI)program should include.

The illustration demonstrates:

  • How to identify potential Conflicts of Interest in your organization
  • How to assess COI risk and design controls
  • How to develop a comprehensive COI management process and create a culture of compliance

When COIs are not properly managed the outcomes could lead toantitrust violations; bribery, corruption or fraud; competition disadvantage; data breaches; and,insider trading. FCPA DOJ guidance is looking at COIs as a prime area to determine a culture of compliance. Are you ready to mature your COI program?

Download the Illustration