The Ultimate Governance Risk and Compliance Handbook

This governance risk and compliance handbook presents a readable overview and guide to policies, procedures, tools, and strategies needed in complying with the ever-demanding regulatory environment of corporate governance. Keeping track of and organizing all of your compliance information can be daunting without great compliance software.

Convercent has a fully-integrated compliance solution taking up-to-the-minute data to better gather, report, and analyze for increased impact and effectiveness of your compliance program.Put compliance into the driver’s seat of business strategy.

Features Convercent can offer to improve your handbook are:

  • Document and visualize your critical compliance risks and their severity, potential impact and likelihood
  • Relate issue types and behaviors to risk areas
  • Adjust the number and type of risk measurement characteristics to meet your needs and preferences
  • See where your policies, procedures and training courses are used to control your most critical risks

Download this guide for the governance risk and compliance handbook needed for your company.

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