CONVERGE18 Keynote: Ethics in Action

Increase Organizational Justice with the Courage to Confront

How to create a program rooted in transparency, consistency and equality

Most ethics and compliance professionals are committed to providing employees with the tools necessary to report incidents, but how are you facilitating organizational justice?

Watch Patrick Quinlan, Convercent CEO and Co-founder, deliver an inspiring call-to-arms keynote at CONVERGE18.

The level of organizational justice in your business tells you how much, or how little, employees feel that their voices are heard. Do your employees trust your organization to do what it says; investigate according to policy and procedure; treat everyone fairly; and act ethically? Without organizational justice, employees won’t report, but a quiet hotline is a red flag.

In Patrick’s motivating presentation, he challenges E&C leaders to put organizational justice first and foremost for a high quality program that actively supports a speak-up culture from within.

Using humanity, courage and strength, Patrick puts a personal face on the issues many employees feel daily. Understanding these issues is imperative if we want to create a connection between program goals and people. In this video, you’ll answer questions like:

Are you up to the challenge?

(See if you’re able to take the hard steps necessary to protect people over brand.)

What is your program’s level of organizational justice and how do you know?

(Use behavioral economics and data integration for impactful campaigns.)

How are you measuring and increasing performance?

(Gain insights into how other organizations are determining success and optimizations.)

Regardless of your role in ethics and compliance, organizational justice must be a top priority. Take thoughtful and impactful action to do better with Patrick’s confrontational challenge.

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