The Meaning Of Compliance Management

Compliance management is ensuring that policies and procedures are followed in accordance to their set up. Convercent can manage all aspects of your compliance initiatives in one easy and simple to use interface. Compliance management meaning can fit many things.Conflict of interest, comprehension of policies and training, and risk assessment are just a few areas where compliance is needed in business.

With Convercent’s compliance management solutions, you can fully integrate your compliance needs and mitigate risk within an easily accessible single platform. Key features include:

  1. Configurable dashboards that show up-to-the-minute results for quick action
  2. Hotline & Case Manager for integration intake with case management and smart reporting
  3. Policy Manager for automated delivery of company policies with digital signatures
  4. Conflicts of Interest Manager for fewer conflicts and greater transparency
  5. Predictive analytics so you can prevent instead of react

Download the guide for a comprehensive guide to review and benchmark your compliance program. Then contact us to see how Convercent products can help your compliance management.

Download the Guide