What Does Compliance Management Mean?

Building an effective compliance program requires focusing on your company’s unique risks. Regulators are clear that a compliance program’s success depends on how well an organization’s leadership account for the severity of risks.

The compliance management definition includes a clear way for an organization to easily understand their risk areas and measure overall compliance health.Convercent is built for the modern compliance professional enabling the management and monitoring of corporate integrity through company policies, employee education and case management while aligning your employees’ behavior to company values.

With Convercent’s compliance management solution, compliance professionals can:

  • Manage overall compliance health: By using real-time insight streaming in from all compliance domains, Convercent gives compliance professionals the ability to proactively guide, measure and improve an organization’s health to create a true culture of compliance.
  • Administer education and training: Convercent is ultimately designed to engage employees to participate actively in the ethical fabric of the organization.
  • Objectively measure ethics and compliance: Compare, monitor and pursue participation and engagement through employee scorecards.

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