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The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive

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What has Happened with the EU Whistleblowing Directive and What is Coming

EU Whistleblowing Directive Timeline


If you’re a company with 50 or more employees in the European Union, you’re on a deadline to comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive. What does that mean? Your company must provide an internal whistleblowing channel and process before the clock runs out on December 17, 2021 for large companies (250 or more employees) and December 17, 2023 for smaller companies (50 or more employees).


The Key Areas Your Hotline Needs to Comply With

Employee User Experience Icon

Employee/user-centric and accessible

Easily accessed anonymity options for all ‘work-based relationships’

Flexible Reporting Channels Icon

Flexible, locally-based reporting channels

Enable local reporting by phone, web, or manager/open-door

Protect from Anti-Retaliation Icon

Protective and anti-retaliation measures

Have the ability to track retaliation patterns and incidents

Executive Reporting Options Icon

Extensive summary report options

Customisable data & analytics for internal and external purposes

Efficient Case Management Icon

Efficient, locally-based case and investigation management

Communications, alerts and controls for locally-managed cases

Regulatory Compliance Icon

Regulatory Compliance

Comply with EU Whistleblowing Directive requirements, plus other international laws

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A Hotline Solution Which Meets Requirements Now—and Grows Alongside Your Needs in the Future

Our flexible, multi-channel intake Helpline will allow you to comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive right away—and supports increasingly complex business needs as part of our Integrated Ethics Cloud Platform. Our Helpline and Case Manager can be configured to your exact needs, and we’re already trusted by leading enterprises across the European Union.

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Our human-centric intake enables easy reporting and efficient case management, while protecting whistleblowers during a vulnerable moment in their careers. Plus, we can help you make the switch to our Helpline quickly with our self-service, quick-start onboarding.

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Enable All Parties to Speak Up, While Protecting Anonymity

Powered by a simple end-user experience, Convercent’s helpline removes barriers and allows reporters to tell their story, not fill out forms. The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive requires that your hotline be accessible to third parties, contractors, and other stakeholders. With Convercent, you can extend your Helpline to all stakeholders in a work-based relationship at no extra charge.

Plus. the ability to remain anonymous is key when it comes to whistleblower protection. Allow reporters to pick their level of anonymity and instill confidence within them that they are being protected.


Best-in-class Telephony with Real-time Translations

We understand that your employees come from diverse backgrounds and speak a variety of languages. Our Europe-based, GDPR-compliant call centers are equipped for handling over 300 languages, and 90 percent of our global call center traffic will be answered in-house without the need for a translator. Plus, our web intake can translate 54 languages. The ability to translate in real time is absolutely critical to the success of your helpline.

A Call Center that meets the EU Whistleblower Directive requirements


Track Every Compliance Touch Point at the Employee Level

EU Whistleblowing Directive Employee Scorecard Image

A key requirement of the EU Whistleblowing Directive is the ability to prove that no retaliation has taken place. When you use Convercent’s Helpline, you get the power of our Employee Scorecard, a central resource that tracks how an employee is involved in an investigation, the status of their cases, and if their reports have been substantiated. No other helpline solution on the market offers such an accurate, comprehensive view of an employee’s interaction with the compliance department.

Comply with all EU Data Privacy Regulations


Meeting Your Data Privacy Requirements

Data privacy is paramount to us. With global data privacy regulations constantly evolving, our technology and expertise will keep you compliant. We maintain dedicated hosting and data storage in the EU, make frequent updates, and monitor market developments on a strategic basis to ensure the highest level of security and data privacy controls.

Drawing on in-house expertise, our technology ensures compliance with other regulations including Sarbanes Oxley, Financial Conduct Authority rules, GDPR, and Sapin II.


Who Does the EU Whistleblowing Directive Protect?

The protective scope of the EU Whistleblowing Directive has purposely been cast particularly wide, such that it offers protection to any and all whistleblowers who have acquired information on violations of EU law in what is termed a ‘work-based relationship’. This includes:

  • Current & Former Employees (Full- and part-time)
  • Individuals who play a key role in the org but are not worker, such as contractors, freelancers, suppliers, vendors and shareholders
  • Job applicants or work applicants
  • Trainees and interns (paid or unpaid)
  • Volunteers

Additionally, the EU Whistleblowing Directive protects facilitators; third persons connected to the reporter, such as colleagues or relatives.

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Local Reporting Channels and Case Management, Central Oversight

Set up dedicated reporting channels that allow whistleblowers to report to either local or central ethics and compliance teams, and automate triage and routing so cases are managed by the right team members.

Plus, maintain visibility into trends and company-wide risk areas with global insights, while maintaining case-level data at the local level.


Local Reporting Channels and Case Management, Central Oversight

Convercent by OneTrust’s Case Manager empowers you to catch and prevent retaliation with built-in follow-up reminders. Set follow-up tasks to check in with whistleblowers weeks and months after the initial report and case closure to review their pay and promotion experience and ensure they have not been targeted with retaliation—even if they have chosen to remain anonymous, thanks to our secure communications solution.

A Call Center that meets the EU Whistleblower Directive requirements

More than a helpline.

Are you looking for a compliance solution that can grow alongside your needs? Or do you need a compliance solution that does it all, right off the bat? Convercent’s Ethics Cloud Platform is a suite of applications built to satisfy every need of the modern compliance professional, including board reporting, conflicts of interest management, policies and training, employee engagement, and more.

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