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Engage employees with topical and current information with Convercent’s interactive code of conduct

Give Your Ethics and Compliance Program a Home

Your code of conduct is one of the most important ethics and compliance communications you provide to your employees. It doesn’t just outline policies and acceptable behavior, it introduces your compliance program and sets the tone on expectations and company culture.

Transform your code of conduct into an interactive portal that helps create ‘buy-in’ and guide employees to the most helpful information right when they need it.

Transform your code of conduct into an interactive portal and give your ethics and compliance program a home

Interactive Code of Conduct gives your organization a central, branded place for employees to engage with your program

  • One central, branded place for employees to engage with your program
  • Easily update your code of conduct to evolve with your organization and current events
  • Communicate more effectively with videos, gamification, online chat and links to E&C apps for easy access
  • Collect deep engagement-based analytics

Compliance is failing everyone if we just train people on the what, not the how, and if we just tell them rather than listening.

Ronnie Kann Director, Global Ethics and Compliance,

Engage employees to increase understanding and retention

When employees understand the ‘why’ behind your policies, compliance increases. When they see the people and passion behind your program, that’s when true partnership happens. Our platform provides a variety of ways to communicate key information in interesting ways.

  • Dramatically increase engagement with E&C initiatives
  • Drive periodic campaigns to reinforce engagement
  • Use analytics to optimize campaigns
  • Encourage the use of other E&C applications
  • Refresh your code of conduct regularly to maintain relevance

Get access to new, engaging ways to communicate key information, and increase employee understanding and retention

Get deep interactions and analytics to uncover issues before they hit the helpline

Deep interactions and analytics

Uncover issues even before they hit the helpline. From tracking
video views to most popular keywords, you can see when interest increases in a particular area, or which departments are most engaged with your code.

  • Track key terms and definitions
  • Learn which videos are most engaging
  • Set up a chat bot to provide guidance anonymously

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