Convercent’s Compliance Solution for the GDPR

As a continuation of Convercent’s ongoing innovation for global customers, enhanced GDPR capabilities give customers of all sizes and industries a solution for not only staying compliant with GDPR, but also doing so with unmatched flexibility, control and fidelity.

Regulations and Affirmative Defensibility

By listening and acting on concerns from employees, customers and vendors through a hotline or helpline, organizations can protect both their culture and long-term business performance. Regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley Section 301 in the US, the Financial Conduct Authority rules on whistleblowing in the UK, and Sapin II in France require organizations to provide their employees with anonymous reporting channels. Internal hotlines are also powerful mechanisms for detecting fraud, and employee engagement is critical to support company ethics and values.

Helpline Communication Services

Convercent Helpline’s communication services provide four intake methods, more than any other ethics and compliance software provider—mobile texting, web, proxy and phone:

  • Mobile texting ensures that your employees' voices are always heard immediately wherever they are.
  • Web intake provides an easy-to-use interface for employees to quickly submit issues.
  • Proxy intake, through a simplified web interface, is a critical capability for open-door reporting, so your organization’s managers and HR can easily submit reports to the ethics and compliance team.
  • Convercent call centers provide 24x7 live call agents to answer phones globally, with more than 300 languages and 200 countries supported.

Convercent Hotline Issues by Type

Employee Engagement

Convercent has unsurpassed ease of use for web, mobile texting, proxy and phone issue reporting—employees can report issues to the organization using the communication service they prefer. Employees, even when reporting anonymously, can opt-in to automated notifications when their cases are updated. The result? More issues are reported and employee engagement increases during the investigation process. Greater engagement leads to reduced investigation time and better substantiation rates.

Multiple allegations

Case Manager

Convercent’s Case Manager makes even complex cases easy for investigators to manage, with support for:

  • Multiple allegations and involved personnel for each case
  • Message boards for communicating anonymously with reporting parties
  • Smart escalation of specific issue types to relevant teams or the board
  • Flexible workflow to support your investigative process
  • All your tasks and attachments in one location

Capture Contributing Factors

Most organizations, even with DOJ Guidance 2.17, do not effectively track root cause. Convercent’s Case Manager allows investigators to capture behavioral and external contributing factors for subsequent root-cause analysis. Visualization of reported issue outliers and the ability to drill down to contributing factors allow quick identification of risks and informed, mitigative action by the ethics and compliance team.

Convercent Helpline gives our teammates the ability to easily and confidentially make a claim with what they feel most comfortable with: texting. Two-way communication is a necessary ingredient for a successful ethics and compliance program, and this goes a long way in helping us achieve that success.

Amy Much Senior Director & Counsel, Global Ethics & Compliance

Unparalleled Employee Engagement

Welcome to the industry’s easiest-to-use helpline and most productive case manager for your investigator team.