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Integrated Compliance Hotline & Case Management

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The Convercent Helpline integrates a compliance hotline and case management into one platform

Simplify the hotline reporting process with the most flexible and innovative helpline intake and compliance hotline system in the industry

Innovative Compliance Hotline Intake

Enhance your speak-up culture by providing your employees with the most flexible and innovative intake and compliance hotline system in the industry that makes the reporting process less daunting.

A Compliance Hotline doesn’t require an in-person conversation. Convercent’s helpline solution empowers your employees to report using the communication mode they are most comfortable with.

  • 24/7 access to the most flexible set of intake channels available
    • phone
    • web
    • open-door
    • anonymous mobile texting
  • Simple end-user experience allows reporters to tell their story, not fill in forms
  • Anonymous communication between helpline reports and investigators

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Protect Whistleblowers for Business Success

Safeguarding whistleblowers within your business is harder than ever in today’s digital-first world, read Forrester’s recommendations on the steps you must take to improve your helpline and compliance program.

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Capture Multiple Allegations

Incident reports are not always simple—they often include multiple involved parties and more than one type  of allegation. Convercent’s compliance hotline solution provides the flexibility to capture these complex situations and provide a streamlined investigation process.

Each allegation can be managed to closure by tracking substantiation, action taken and key findings involving a variety of involved parties, including subject, witnesses and reporting parties.

Convercent’s Helpline helps users capture complex situations and implement a streamlined hotline report investigation process

Helpline makes it easy to manage even the most complex hotline cases

Efficient Case Management

Convercent’s tools make it easy to manage even the most complex cases.

  • Ensure transparency and protect the reporter and the organization
  • Message boards for communicating anonymously with reporting parties
  • Real-time visibility into operational metrics to drive investigator performance
  • All your tasks and attachments in one location

Companies that use Convercent’s compliance helpline have a 57% higher reporting rate than industry benchmarks.

That means 57% more voices heard, with 33% of reports representing critical issues like bribery, harassment or fraud. What is your hotline missing?

Based on Convercent customer data covering over 6 million employees and industry benchmarks, as of October 2018. 

Watch as helpline reporting rates grow at higher rate than hotline industry benchmarks when you use Convercent Helpline

Convercent’s Case Manager allows investigators to capture contributing factors for root-cause analysis on helpline reports

Uncover Root Causes

Convercent’s Case Manager allows investigators to capture organizational, behavioral and external contributing factors for subsequent root-cause analysis.

Visualization of reported issue outliers and the ability to drill down to contributing factors allow quick identification of risks and informed, mitigative action by the ethics and compliance team.

  • Identify systemic problems and prevent future incidents
  • Easily spot bad actors and perverse initiatives
  • Drill down to quickly identify emerging risks

The heart of our global ethics and compliance program is, ‘When in doubt, shout.’

Convercent provides us the platform so that employees can easily pick up the phone or go online to ask questions or report issues. Now, if an employee is making a tough decision, they’re making it with the company behind them.

Let every voice be heard

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