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Convercent Ethics & Compliance Portal

Give Your Compliance Program a Home

Convercent Ethics & Compliance Portal

  • A single, accessible, branded place for employees to engage with your Ethics & Compliance program.
  • Easily update your portal to adjust your code of conduct or provide context to both internal and external events that impact your organization.
  • Communicate more effectively with videos, online chat and links to your other Ethics & Compliance applications for easy access.
  • Leverage a chat interface to provide 24/7 guidance, anonymously.
  • An element of your Ethics & Compliance program that is always on and ready to provide relevant information to whomever, whenever they need it.

Launching the Ethics and Compliance Portal

Where we are moving towards is making more data-driven decisions, the evidence-based decisions, by looking at the analytics – and determining what do our employees care about? what are they looking for answers to?

- Luka Stanic, Compliance Council at Avanos

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Awareness Campaigns IconAWARENESS CAMPAIGNS

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Target Your Workforce and Drive Employee Engagement

Instead of waiting for your employees to locate your E&C materials organically, send compliance email campaigns that proactively drive your workforce to content that is both relevant and easily digestible.

Save time by creating campaigns days or even weeks in advance and increase engagement by segmenting employee groups based upon HR data (department, role, location, etc), allowing you to personalize your email messaging and target specific sub-populations of your workforce.


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Change the Way People Interact with E&C

Build an interactive digital experience around your Ethics and Compliance program that educates and engages your employees and promotes key topics such as your code of conduct, company values, speak up culture, and ethical decision making.

Increase employee comprehension and achieve long-term behavioral changes by displaying your policies and regulations in easily digestible formats, such as videos, Q&As, and blogs.

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Engagement Analytics IconENGAGEMENT ANALYTICS

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Look at Your E&C Program Through a New Lens

Measure the engagement with your code of conduct at a high level, then filter the data for deeper insights on specific topics and demographics. Use this information to understand what your employees are seeking, what they are watching and what questions they are looking for answer to.

Uncover legal and ethical issues even before they hit the helpline, and then measure the effectiveness of the compliance efforts you implement to mitigate these risks. Additionally, utilize your engagement data to demonstrate proactive risk mitigation efforts to investigative committees.

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