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The Trick to Fostering Company Culture in a Pandemic? Don’t Reinvent the Wheel.

Ninety-six percent of employees at cloud-based ethics and compliance company Convercent recently reported that they feel their work contributes directly to the business’s mission and overall objectives. As Chief People Officer, Rachel Gerace likes to see that data.

“Our people operations strategy is not just about how well we’re executing the traditional, day-to-day HR tactics,” Gerace said. “It’s about ensuring that we’re creating people programs that propel our organization forward and allow us to adapt to changing conditions.”

In the past few months, COVID-19 put that strategy to the ultimate test. Like many companies, Convercent transitioned its employees to remote work. They also implemented company-wide pay cuts to avoid layoffs. In order to keep morale high and employees engaged, Gerace’s team introduced “Tell Me Something Good” and “Convercent Connection,” video-based initiatives meant to connect team members over milestones in and outside of the metaphorical office. They have also been relying on frequent and consistent communication through surveys and support groups.

Their efforts paid off.


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