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The Devil in the Data. Using Data to Assess Ethical Behavior. Katie Smith Explains

Katie Smith serves as EVP and Chief Compliance Officer for Convercent. Bringing nearly 20 years’ experience from the high tech, energy, insurance and financial services industries, Katie has implemented ethics and compliance programs for multinational companies. Her professional passion flourishes in building compliance programs from the ground up and raising awareness throughout the company on the importance of proactive compliance and ethics management.

Before joining Convercent, Katie most recently held the position of Assistant Vice President and Chief Ethics Officer at Texas-based Fortune 500 financial services group USAA. At the firm, she was primarily responsible for promoting ethics and strategic business initiatives; overseeing the development and implementation of ethics communications, policies, guidelines, and training. She served as a trusted internal consultant to leadership on matters pertaining to corporate ethics and investigation of suspected and reported violations of USAA’s Code of Conduct, related policies, and standards.


Katie Smith
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