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Convercent Receives Two 2015 GRC Innovation Awards in User Experience Category


Convercent, a leading provider of compliance management and analytics software, today announced that it has been honored with two 2015 GRC Innovation Awards in the User Experience category by GRC analyst firm GRC 20/20.

The fourth annual GRC Innovation Awards recognize technology innovations and user experience in Governance, Risk Management and Compliance programs and processes. Convercent’s Predictive Analytics solution was recognized for a superior user experience in the Issue Reporting & Management segment, and its Disclosure Manager in the Compliance Management segment.

“GRC 20/20 is finding that Convercent is establishing itself as a next generation compliance platform that provides integrated compliance analytics though delivering connected solutions for compliance processes,” said Michael Rasmussen, Chief GRC Pundit for GRC 20/20. “Convercent’s Predictive Analytics and Disclosure Manager are prime examples of how software that’s intuitive for employees and compliance teams can facilitate more effective and efficient management of the compliance issues facing a company. What’s more, these capabilities arm compliance executives with easy-to-use tools and data analysis capabilities needed to anticipate and ward off issues that may manifest in the future. Convercent’s focus on usability in these areas pays dividends to its users in the form of powerful data analytics and real-time, actionable insights on the effectiveness of a company’s issue and compliance management.”

“As compliance executives face more demands and higher expectations, they in turn have a right to demand and expect more from the tools they use to do their jobs,” said Philip Winterburn, Convercent’s Chief Product Officer. “With Convercent, a great user experience extends to how easily the compliance team can access, understand, analyze, deliver and act upon their program results. We’re thrilled with the recognition for User Experience from GRC 20/20 for both our Disclosure Manager and Predictive Analytics as we believe data collection, integration and insight are critical in improving the performance, efficiency and business value of the compliance function.”

About Convercent’s Disclosure Manager

Convercent’s Disclosure Manager delivers a unique framework for employees to make conflict of interest disclosures—more specifically, it’s purposefully designed to break away from traditional, intimidating, ill-suited compliance helplines that often leave employees feeling like they are reporting wrongdoing (when in fact that is often not the case). Convercent’s Disclosure Manager is designed to encourage open and honest reporting and communication and increase the likelihood that employees will self-report their relationships and affiliations that could potentially present a conflict of interest—and potentially lead to misconduct.

About Convercent’s Predictive Analytics (Insights)

Convercent’s predictive analytics solution, Insights, allows compliance executives to quickly and easily access, understand, deliver and act upon compliance program results. Offering rich and interactive visualizations of compliance, company and external data within a single interface, Insights surfaces trends, outliers and correlations so compliance executives have a clear understanding of the behavioral and environmental drivers of organizational incidents and risk. By better processing and managing a broad spectrum of internal and external information, Insights saves compliance teams months of manual data collection and analysis while allowing them to effectively diagnose and proactively address key risk areas, better prioritize focus, confidently allocate spend and more accurately assess program effectiveness.

A full list of award categories and recipients can be found on the GRC 20/20 blog.

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