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Convercent and NYSE Governance Services Partner to Provide Customers with the Best Content on the Best Platform

Convercent, creators of integrated culture and compliance solutions, and NYSE Governance Services, Corpedia, a provider of an integrated suite of resources today announced their partnership to jointly meet customer needs in governance, risk and compliance.

“This agreement closes the loop for companies wanting the best content on the best platform,” said Convercent CEO Patrick Quinlan. “Our products make perfect complements to each other. Companies can receive industry-leading policies, content, and compliance services from NYSE Governance Services—the content of record for the New York Stock Exchange—and access fully integrated compliance, policy, education and values software from Convercent.”

“Our clients have come to expect best-in-class content from our custom courseware, our off the shelf courseware and our advisory services,” said Erica Salmon Byrne, EVP, Compliance and Governance Solutions with NYSE Governance Services, Corpedia. “Partnering with Convercent gives companies the opportunity to track, monitor and maintain that content through a technology solution that meets that same standard, enabling them to more effectively and efficiently reach their employees, empower a culture of compliance and mitigate risk.”

“A constantly shifting regulatory landscape necessitates the integration of content with technology, according to Michael Rasmussen, Chief GRC Pundit of GRC 2020.

“Over the past decade we’ve seen the need for companies to take a holistic view of their GRC program from values and ethics to governance and compliance—what I call GRC 3.0,” Rasmussen said. “Integration of content is a key element of GRC 3.0. It’s the only way to rapidly assess changing regulations, risks, industry and geopolitical events, and how they impact strategy, performance, controls, policy and the integrity of the organization.”

Available in more than 50 languages and accessible on any mobile device, Convercent is the first integrated, cloud-based culture and compliance software to provide multi-dimensional insight into your company’s health. Convercent recently announced exciting new product features, including dashboards to measure organizational health based on big-data analytics, and an innovative new Campaign Management tool to make staff-wide and individual compliance education and management easier than ever.

By using real-time insight streaming in from all compliance domains, Convercent gives compliance professionals the ability to proactively guide, measure and improve an organization’s health to create a true culture of compliance. With Convercent, everything comes together—ethics, policies, training and investigations—and you get a clear view of the integrity of the organization as it related to ethics and compliance health at any given time. Predictive analytics provides early detection before problems arise.

To put Convercent and NYSEGS to work immediately and bring your company’s values, employee behaviors and compliance efforts together for better governance and performance, please visit

About NYSE Governance Services:

NYSE Governance Services is an integrated suite of resources for public and privately held companies worldwide seeking to create a leadership advantage through corporate governance, risk, ethics, and compliance practices. NYSE Governance Services leverages the expertise of Corpedia, a leader in risk assessment and e-learning for ethics and compliance, and Corporate Board Member, a trusted source on governance matters for company directors and C-level executives–both NYSE Euronext companies. NYSE Governance Services offers a range of training programs, advisory services, benchmarking analysis and scorecards, exclusive access to peer-to-peer events, and thought leadership on key governance topics for company directors and C-level executives. For more information, visit

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