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Can Using An App Help End Workplace Harassment?

Anonymous harassment reporting apps aim to help more people speak up about bad behavior, but by the time it gets to that point, has a toxic culture already gone too far?




Stories of toxic company culture have become commonplace recently, including serious ethical breaches at Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, Uber, and more.

Katie Smith, the chief compliance officer at Convercent, a software provider for reporting and analyzing a variety of compliance issues, cautions that employers need to pay attention to how employees are reporting. “An overabundance of anonymous reports can be a red flag that your culture needs work,” she explains. “It likely means your employees fear backlash or don’t trust leadership to listen and respond appropriately.”

Smith believes that a stronger level of trust is signaled when employees understand how to make a report, that they are speaking up, and that the majority of reports are being relayed face to face to leadership or HR in the office.

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