The Evolution of GRC in 2019

GRC maturity has evolved over the past fifteen years since OCEG first published the GRC Capability Model and they have measured these changes along the way. In 2019 OCEG conducted their fifth GRC Maturity Survey to determine how program design and confidence has changed. The survey has hundreds of participants from organizations of all sizes and types worldwide.

This webinar covers:

  • The level of integration of risk, compliance and performance activities and controls
  • The degree of confidence in ability to identify and manage risks and requirements
  • The use of technology to support GRC capability
  • GRC roles and organizational structures
  • Realized benefits of integrated capability and negative effects of siloed operations
  • Changes in findings from GRC Maturity Surveys across the years


Jessica Brunelle Headshot

Michael Rasmussen

GRC Research Analyst and Pundit, GRC 20/20 and OCEG Fellow

Jessica Brunelle Headshot

Philip Winterburn

Chief Strategy Officer, Convercent

Jessica Brunelle Headshot

Carole Switzer

OCEG Co-Founder and President

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