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MySafeX (Workplace, School, Campus, Hospital) has worked well in the past, but what if there was something out there that could change the way you view your compliance program? This webinar will introduce you to Convercent’s Helpline and Ethics Cloud Platform, and we’ll share the benefits MySafeX customers have seen since making the switch to Convercent.

On the webinar you will learn more about who Convercent is as an E&C leader, the positive business impact Convercent has, hear an engaging customer story, and receive information about incentives for making the switch. Convercent’s Director of Customer Experience Emily Witt will discuss how simple making the switch can be, and Patrick Burns, Director of Loss Prevention at Cinemark will share his personal experience moving from MySafeWorkplace to Convercent, and the added benefit his team has seen.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Simple and easy intake – Convercent’s intake process is designed with the reporting party in mind. Web, phone and SMS text intake make it easier and more comfortable for the reporter to file a case. The result? You’ll get more complete reports so you can respond effectively and proactively.
  • Better back and forth communication – improve communication with employees and reporters (even anonymous ones!) with the Ask a Question portal and Message Boards, you have the ability to connect with reporting parties after they file a case.
  • The added ROI Convercent provides – easier reporting, better data analytics, more substantiated cases & faster time to close frees up your time to do less casework and more strategic thinking. Convercent’s reporting features cut hours of excel work out of your quarterly reviews.
  • More cases mean less risk – currently you might have a low case rate, that doesn’t indicate you don’t have underlying problems. Convercent gives you more substantiated cases, in effect mitigating the risk to your organization.

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Patrick Burns Headshot

Patrick Burns

Director of Loss Prevention at Cinemark.

Patrick Burns has been in the Movie Exhibition industry for 32 years. He is the Director of Loss Prevention for the world’s third-largest exhibitor specializing in fraud analytics and investigations.

Emily Witt Headshot

Emily Witt

Director, Customer Experience Convercent

Emily has been with Convercent for over 9 years primarily in customer success roles. She is an expert in transitioning customers from MySafeX to the Convercent platform.

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