Become an expert at engaging with your organization

Employee engagement is a challenge shared by many ethics and compliance program leaders. In order to have an effective program which generates a healthy dialogue and instils trust, it’s essential to engage all levels of the organization. How do you provide useful, meaningful messages to your workforce at time when they’re most at risk? What’s a simplified way to evolve from a one-size-fits all program to tailoring for varying cultures?

This complimentary webinar is organized in partnership with Broadcat. Content is key to effectively increase employee participation and facilitate discussions on ethical behavior across different cultures and educational levels. Hear the successes and lessons learned from two CECO’s as well as a tactical approach to training.

Discussion Topics

Whether you’re looking to revamp your Code of Conduct or drive better awareness of your existing E&C initiatives, join the discussion to hear innovative ideas to tackle engagement. Discussion topics will include:

  • How to integrate your compliance message to be part of your company’s culture
  • Proactive ways to track engagement with your Code of Conduct
  • How simple, pre-packaged content enables effective manager-led training

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