The World Has Changed. Have You? What Is Your Legacy? 

In this opening session, listen to Patrick Quinlan discuss the ethical transformation that’s happening throughout the world. The advent of social media and an ethical driven consumer are redefining the priorities for today’s CEO’s. Ethics has emerged as the new competitive advantage. This shift is creating a new opportunity for CECO’s to play a deeper, more pivotal role to their business’ success. Patrick will review the key business drivers that are on the minds of CEO’s and boards today and how ethics and compliance can align to them to drive better business performance.

Unleash The Power Of Data. High Octane Insights That Will Change The Way You Measure Ethics & Compliance Forever.  

Seems like every department leader except ethics & compliance has a wealth of data to support their business strategies to the CEO and the board. That day is over. In this session, Philip Winterburn will discuss how big data and data science is now enabling compliance leaders to measure ethics & compliance program effectiveness and its impact on business performance.

  • See a demonstration of powerful board reporting on the ethical health of your company using new key metrics and indicators that measure and illustrate success.
  • Hear the new category of KPI’s for evaluating the Ethical Health of your company
  • Learn how to break down internal silos of data to get a corporate wide view of your data
  • Understand the types of data needed to understand your programs success in a new context including your company, industry, and societal trends.

Ethics. Whose Job Is It Anyway? 

Who is responsible for driving ethics? The President? The Pastor? Your CEO? How about you? The role of the CECO is going through a major transformation with the new reality that check-the-box compliance no longer suffices. The discussion will explore the multiple dimensions of how leading ethics & compliance leaders are weaving ethics and values into everyday operations to attract top people, engage employees, and optimize business performance. Plus what is the CEO and board role and responsibility to leverage their position as ethical leaders in society?