Why Attend?

In a changing world, it’s more important now than ever that we focus on driving ethics to the center of business to be on the forefront of the ethical transformation.

In this interactive Converge Roundtable Lunch hosted by Convercent, we’re bringing local Minneapolis ethics and compliance executives for a closed-door roundtable event to discuss the industry’s biggest challenges and insights. Join us as we embark on this ethical journey.



  • Interact with program leaders – for fresh insights on how to elevate your program and cultivate ethics and values across your organization.
  • Understand the role technology plays – in operationalizing ethics, so you can move from old-school, reactive compliance management to a proactive ethics and compliance program.
  • Network with peers and industry experts – on the changing ethical landscape and the latest industry trends.


  • How to better align ethics and compliance using real time data by sharing insights and industry benchmarks.
  • How current societal movements are effecting ethics and compliance programs.
  • How to influence company culture to move away from traditional practices and veer towards an ethical transformation.
  • How to engage employees by giving them a voice and helping them live and breathe company ethics and values

Ready to Network?

Join us in Minneapolis for an interactive Converge Roundtable Lunch!