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Convercent Webinar - Embracing the Challenges of Compliance

This year, 63% of corporate compliance professionals plan to prioritize their overall compliance strategy and operations*. With new regulations, enforcements and rulings hitting the books everyday, staying on top of compliance can be a challenge. To top it all off, a historical lack of transparency, visibility and connectivity has turned every board member and CEO into a de facto risk manager.It’s time for compliance professionals to take control.

In this webinar, we’ll outline:

– real-world challenges today’s organizations face

– explain how coordinating the design, implementation and measurement of your compliance program can help you effectively mitigate risk

– and showcase Convercent’s unique approach to effective, risk-based compliance program management

Learn how to embrace (and overcome) the challenges of compliance.

*Source: PwC State of Compliance Officer Survey
Presenter(s): Joe LeBas, Chief Strategy Officer, Convercent
Recorded Live: Thursday, September 11, 2014

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