6 Key Steps to Raising Hotline Awareness and Improving Reporting Rates

Concerned that your reporting rates aren’t what they should be? Think your workforce may be afraid of retaliation? Download this ebook today and learn to raise awareness and overcome reporting reluctance.

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Conduct a Listening Exercise

Use simple analytics to identify where reports are coming from – and are not coming from.

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Raise Awareness

Think outside of the box and use creative tactics to drive employee awareness of your hotline line.

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Address ‘Fear of the Unknown’

Develop strategies that make employees more familiar with the hotline and reporting process.

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Address Fear of Retaliation

In all communications, emphasize the absolute protections of anonymity and confidentiality.

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Address Cultural Barriers

Understand the demographics of your employee populations and develop strategies for each.

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Ensure Employee Confidence

Develop communication that ensure employees know their concerns will be taken seriously.

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