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With Convercent’s compliance advisory services powered by StoneTurn, clients can tap into a team of on-demand experts for assistance throughout the entire compliance lifecycle. With holistic pre-incident to post-incident service offerings, StoneTurn has built a strong and long-standing reputation with regulators, companies and their counsels and can help enhance even the most mature compliance programs.

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How we help.

How we help.



Understanding your risk profile is essential for creating and maintaining an effective compliance program and minimizing reputational, financial and legal threats to your organization. Our experienced advisers provide a cost-effective and business-minded approach to identify and assess key risks areas, evaluate existing risk mitigation measures, and recommend program enhancements to minimize residual risks. Risk assessments can be tailored to your organization’s key compliance risk areas, from specific business lines or geographies to enterprise wide evaluations.



Gaps in an organization’s compliance program may lead to violations of applicable laws and regulations, codes of conduct, or organizational standards of practice. Closing these gaps is essential to minimize the risk of costly investigations, fines, and reputational damage. Our advisors identify and assess potential vulnerabilities that could lead to such violations, then assist with the design and implementation of an effective compliance program. Led by a former federal prosecutor and Chief Compliance Officer, our advisors provide practical guidance based on your organization’s specific risks and needs.



The past few years have seen an increase in enforcement actions against companies that fail to monitor and control contractors, agents, vendors, service providers and other third parties. Our advisers help companies develop programs to minimize risks posed by illegal, unethical or unmonitored third-party conduct. After evaluating your organization’s existing compliance framework, we help create or augment existing policies, procedures and controls to evaluate and effectively oversee third-party business partners, and provide specific recommendations for ongoing program implementation and improvements.



When a crisis hits, swift and decisive action is critical to minimizing negative impact. The StoneTurn team can also serve as an on-call Global Compliance Adviser to help you quickly restore both Board and investor confidence within a proven compliance framework. On business-as-usual matters, the Global Compliance Adviser offers clients as-needed insights on specific compliance risk areas and issues as they arise (i.e., FCPA, third-party diligence, etc.) In this way, we help already overloaded internal audit and compliance teams stay current on the latest regulatory developments and industry best practices without the need to permanently add to staff.

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Who is StoneTurn?

A global compliance advisory services firm that assists companies, their counsel and government agencies on regulatory, risk and compliance issues, investigations and business disputes.

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