All the tools you need in one place for better conflicts of interest management

Better prepare you and your program for when a conflict arises

Paper forms. Annual surveys. Spreadsheets. A cluster of disparate systems and ideas and moving parts. Incoming disclosures of all shapes and sizes and no standard formula for how to manage, prepare and mitigate – and disclosures are only increasing with workforces evolving, going global and shifting cultural expectations. Sound familiar?

Now, you can have an all-encompassing resource to help you improve your conflicts of interest disclosure program, or stand one up from scratch with the new Conflicts of Interest Headquarters.

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The Conflicts of Interest Headquarters is packed with tools such as educational ebooks,  recorded webinars, example conflict scenarios and potential resolutions all aimed to help you better prepare you and your program for when a conflict arises.

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– Convercent, COI Use Case Customer Survey, 2016

And the best part is that the data compiled for this resource comes straight from the source: compliance practitioners and executives currently in the field managing with hundreds of conflicts of interests. We collected all of the information by anonymously surveying clients across industries on how they regularly manage conflicts. They provided us insight into different scenarios they’ve faced and the various processes they’ve used to manage them.

COI HQ is an ongoing resource.
Go ahead and bookmark this page. We will be loading new resources regularly such as form templates and more example scenarios. In the coming weeks, we will be adding the functionally for you to submit your own disclosure experiences for others to learn how you managed it and be better prepped should a similar scenario arise in their organization.