The Must-Have Compliance Benchmarking Report is Here

Convercent, in partnership with The Ethisphere Institute, examines the compliance function and role evolution.

Our new report will help you keep pace with evolving expectations and emerging best practices in the compliance industry. We invite you to use the comprehensive findings to benchmark your compliance strategy, and see how you stack up.

Compliance Strategy and Performance
Compliance Strategy and Performance: A Special Publication on 2015’s Benchmarks, Case Studies and Best Practices

“Compliance Strategy and Performance: A Special Publication on 2015’s Benchmarks, Case Studies and Practices” is a read you won’t want to skip and here’s why.

With this report, you will learn how to gain greater exposure, leverage industry benchmarks and develop a killer strategy to increase performance this year and impress your CEO and Board. Being the compliance expert you are, we figured you were already head-down into compliance program planning but wanted to add more value to your plan. Together, with Ethisphere, we set out to make 2016 a bit easier for you to more effectively do your job.

We gathered a plethora of data from 10 live roundtable discussions with industry experts, survey results of nearly 100 compliance executives and many in-depth executive interviews.

Inside you will find:
Ways to measure, verify and socialize compliance program effectiveness.
The report found that measurement and ROI is top-of-mind for CECOs. Ask yourself, “How much time per week or month do I spend figuring out how to determine if our compliance program is effective?” The report will uncover just how prevalent the age-old go-to methods like hotline statistics still are, while exploring some of the newer ways compliance leaders measure and showcase the value of the function.

Survey data and benchmarks of global companies. CECOs are seeking new ways to mine data including predicative analytics on employee behavior, tangible program ROI, concerns and reports made through non-official reporting challenges. A common way they are gathering data is through cross-collaborating with different departments like HR or IT. Using a creative approach and tapping into existing resources, may contain the data nuggets you’ve been looking for.    

Case studies and insights from leading compliance officers. Hear from industry experts and compare how your program stacks up. Learn from their experiences and see what new aspects you can consider incorporating into your program and throughout your organization.

Comparative insights and data from the 2015 World’s Most Ethical Companies. From intel supplied by the 2015 World’s Most Ethical Companies the relative consistency across categories highlights these findings as best practices other should adopt, such as, what information you should report to the Board or governing authority.

Let this report help you strengthen your function’s visibility and effectiveness, as well as shine light onto the why and how compliance programs impact your organization.

Go ahead, print it off (perhaps a few copies), give it read and maybe even bring it to meetings to discuss in detail. Better yet, continue the conversation with us online at our upcoming webinar, or in-person at one of our 18 regional roundtable discussions this year. Details are below.

Download the report today, and make 2018 the year of compliance in your organization.