Today we CONVERGE in a new way: The CONVERGE community

Come be inspired, come grow, come connect in discussion forums, virtual events, and more

If you’ve attended our CONVERGE conferences in Denver or Brussels, you know they are different and they are special. CONVERGE creates a community, and the feeling that we’re all on the journey to drive ethics to the center of business—and in the process, we are building a better world.

Our mission of an ethical transformation, our purpose of togetherness, and our direction toward change and growth has remained constant, even amidst all of the changes in 2020. In fact, the upheaval this year has made us realize just how essential our mission is.

So today, we’re announcing that CONVERGE is more than a conference, it is a movement—an ethics movement and ecosystem that will motivate and elevate the ethics and compliance community to address the issues of today and prepare for the issues of tomorrow, ensuring ethics remains at the center.

Today marks the official launch of the online CONVERGE community, a virtual gathering place for the ethics and compliance profession that’s accessible at your fingertips, at a moment’s notice, no matter where you are in the world (and no matter what is happening). This community, our community, gathers ethics and compliance professionals and our allies from different places to meet at a central point.

Converge (verb): To come together and unite in a common interest or focus

While we plan to meet virtually for the CONVERGE20 conference in the fall, we know that the support of the new CONVERGE community will deliver the same feeling and community that we’ve come to rely on during the past four years of CONVERGE conferences.

So, what can you expect from the CONVERGE community?

The community will be home to all things CONVERGE.  It will be a place for:

  • Active and engaging discussion forums on every topic within ethics and compliance, where you can share challenges, ask for advice, and weigh in on ongoing conversations among your peers and industry leaders
  • The CONVERGE event series, including our annual CONVERGE conference, roundtables, Innovation Forums, and customer coffee chats
  • The CONVERGE Center of Excellence, a library of the best content and tactical industry knowledge, necessary to make your program more effective and efficient
  • Convercent Support, including our product knowledge center, how-to guides on our apps and solutions, and ways to get in touch with your Convercent support team

Everything within this new CONVERGE ecosystem aligns to our desire to Inspire, Grow, and Connect the profession, its allies, and the world:

  • Inspire: Thought leadership that helps you move your company from check-the-box compliance to an ethical transformation and reminds you of the motivation for why you do what you do. For example, The Ethics Movement podcast featuring Philip Winterburn and Tom Fox and inspiring content at our roundtables and Innovations Forums;
  • Grow: Tactical resources and takeaways you can start using right away to maximize your compliance program’s performance. For example, webinars, infographics, and articles that you can find in the CONVERGE Center of Excellence; and
  • Connect: Networking and interactive learning opportunities with your peers and industry leaders, where you can ask questions, share and get advice, and build meaningful connections. For example, our roundtables, forums, customer coffee chats, and the annual CONVERGE summit.

Ethics and compliance teams must be at the very center of this ethics movement, but to succeed, we must leverage our collective knowledge, strength, and collaboration.  We are all a part of the engine that will drive the ethics movement forward.

This community aims to leverage our individual resources, skills, knowledge, and wisdom to change the conversation and make the shift from check-the-box programs to programs that are sustainable and scalable. This is why we built CONVERGE—to give ethics and compliance a community where leaders and practitioners can share their challenges and spread their experiences across the globe. We hope you’ll join us, along with thousands of your ethics and compliance peers, in the CONVERGE community. Together, we can make the world a more ethical place.

Join the CONVERGE community