A Global Ethics and Compliance Policy with Sodexo

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Sodexo is a global company with over 480,000 employees. As part of Sodexo’s commitment to building ethics and compliance they have chosen to use Convercent. Learn from Jeannie Hernandez, VP Ethics, Compliance and Privacy at Sodexo North America, why Convercent is the ideal partner for their business. 


In the video above, Jeannie Hernandez is only referring to Sodexo North America.

Video Transcript

Sodexo is a global company in about 80 different countries. We have over 420,000 employees. We have a really interesting structure. What the company has decided to do is to really try and build in ethics and compliance to everything that we do. 

I think that there’s been a real shift in how ethics and compliance has been seen by corporate America. We’ve gone from it’s legally required and law says that you must do this and it’s the stick, to really the companies wanting to do what’s right. 

I was attached to the philosophy at its core of Convercent. Convercent started as a technology company and it started with the philosophy of ‘I want to do the right thing’ and ethics at its center but it was a technology company. So for me that’s really been a crucial differentiator for Convercent versus other competitors. 

Everybody here has seen me as a part of the Convercent family. That’s the case for even the small little fish in the pond and that really means alot because again to us it’s all about caring. In the sales process for me it was really important because it demonstrates the kinds of values that Convercent has as a company and the kinds of values of a partner that I want to engage with. 

They’ve never hesitated to really provide me with the information and the support that I’ve needed. My personal philosophy is that you build partnerships in order to have long lasting relationships so when I came into the equation that’s what I had in mind. I tried to develop that with other vendors but Convercent really took it to a different level.