Do your employees know your organization has a compliance program?

Increase employee awareness of your company’s compliance program with these 5 branding tips

As a compliance leader, you have been on top of building the best compliance program possible to safeguard your company, employees and its shareholders. But how do you get your compliance program from merely being in place to being in use and effective?

The business landscape we live and work in today is global, demanding and always changing. Your organization’s employees are overloaded with their daily duties and may not be aware the compliance program exists in the first place. It is now your responsibility to permeate employees’ busy minds and get your program to be top-of-mind for when they need it the most.

Employees can’t report into a hotline or disclose conflicts of interest if they don’t how or where to do so. If you are building a compliance program for the first time or improving on a previous system, you need to position your messaging strategically and market the program to your target audience.

Messaging can take many forms and is most effective when distributed using a clear distribution plan. By following a few messaging techniques, you can ensure increased employee awareness of your compliance program.

5 Tips for Effective Messaging:

  1. Distribute compliance messages using strategic communication methods, comprehensive policies, effective training and running awareness campaigns.
  2. Take advantage of multi-media formats such as videos, e-books, internal email newsletters and social media networks to spread the word about your compliance program.
  3. Create and distribute a regular compliance-focused blog.
  4. Create assets such as posters and infographics that visually spark an interest in an attention-grabbing way, and post them in areas that receive high traffic such as the kitchen, large conference rooms or even on employees desks.
  5. Leverage your company’s internal website as a highly-visible platform to advertise your system.

Employees are often slow to adopt a compliance program, sending compliance officers on a challenging journey to identify any awareness issues or policy adoption within their program.

Keith-ReadA low level of calls might mean that there are few issues; but it could also mean that employees do not call the hotline for a host of reasons -ranging from a lack of awareness right through to being too frightened, intimidated or worried about retaliation. We decided to brand the helpline and thus created VeRoniCA -our Virtual Regulatory Compliance Assistant. Branding compliance in this way served to give compliance ‘a face’ -which, in turn, provided greater reassurance and support to employees with the perception of easier access.” – Keith Read, Managing Director, Europe at Convercent and former Chief Compliance Officer at British Telecom

Creative messaging like Read’s gets employees involved and is imperative to landing a spot on the forefront of their minds. Creativity combined with a scheduled compliance campaign is a recipe for success. Building a brand of your compliance program can help solidify its purpose and business function while teaching employees on how and why to do the right thing.

Get your compliance program to be noticed. Learn about the elements of branding and marketing techniques to do so to get your organization’s employees invested in ethical business practices.  branding-checklist

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