Customer Success is a Relationship. Not a Transaction.

It seems like every day a new customer-success horror story pops up in the news or our social media feed. But when it comes to your compliance solution vendor, you should expect better. Unfortunately, some compliance vendors buy customers through aggressive acquisition rather than innovation and passion. It’s unfortunate when customers get treated like commodities.

At Convercent, we see customer success as a relationship, not a transaction. We asked Katie Smith, Chief Compliance Officer at Convercent (former CCO at USAA), to share her thoughts about what she expects from a partner.

“When it comes to working with a compliance solution vendor, customer success is critical to a CECO. With scarce resources and competing priorities, you want to know that when you have an issue, you can get it fixed and move on. It’s frustrating having to rely on sending a request to a blind email address or calling an 800 number and waiting on hold to get assistance. The issues we deal with often need an immediate response. This is unacceptable.”

“The personal touch of having a dedicated person—someone who knows you, the quirks of your corporate culture, how your system was set up, how work gets done in your organization—removes the friction from resolving issues.”

“What we don’t see often anymore is the commitment to building a relationship, two companies acting as partners. Lots of vendors can provide technology, but it’s the power of the RELATIONSHIP that motivates a vendor to drive the issue to a resolution and keeps the customer coming back.”

“Our customer success isn’t just about resolving a problem. We develop ongoing relationships, using customer feedback, market research, and innovation to continually improve our products and services.”

Don’t trust the ethical protection of your company to a vendor that won’t even call you back. Learn how Rachel Gerace, our Executive VP of Customer Success, is committed to building a world-class team of Customer Success Managers that take pride in providing a personal and attentive customer success experience.

“I really feel like we’re working arm-in-arm… Looking at the fabric of the business, and where there might be tears… so that we can focus the company on figuring out if there is a problem and fixing it.” – Bill Brierly, CH2M