CONVERGE21: Why You Can’t Miss It 

The leading event in ethics and compliance is back October 12-13, 2021 for more expert-led insights, inspiration, and connection. 

What is CONVERGE21? 

CONVERGE is a community built for the modern ethics and compliance professional, comprised of forward-looking practitioners and leaders. CONVERGE21 is where we connect, gathering the leading industry experts and innovators of the ethics and compliance community, to explore the most meaningful topics in compliance and beyond. Topics include: the EU Whistleblower Protection Directive, employee engagement, program benchmarking and reporting, values and culture, ESG, DEI—and so much more. You’re invited to groundbreaking keynotes, fireside chats with CECOs from the world’s most impactful companies, and practical workshops that will empower you to move the needle within your organization. 

CONVERGE21 will take place online, October 12-13, 2021. Sessions will “follow the sun” so whether you’re in Asia, Europe, Africa, or the Americas, you’ll be able to attend at a time that’s convenient for your local time zone. 

This year, when you attend CONVERGE21, you get access to TrustWeek, the premier data privacy and information technology conference from OneTrust. By attending both CONVERGE21 and TrustWeek, you’ll get unprecedented insights to help you connect ethics and compliance to broader organizational trust. We look forward to seeing you there! 

CONVERGE21 will take place online and tickets are completely free. Click below to save your seat, and we’ll see you online October 12! 

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The Top Five Reasons to Attend CONVERGE21 

There’s a reason why this biannual conference is a favorite of compliance professionals across the globe – in fact, we can think of five reasons that make it worthwhile. (And there are many more!) 

  1. World-Class Speakers – Hear a variety of unique, informed perspectives. Each of our speakers and panelists is impacting and inspiring change in the world of E&C. Check out our awesome speaker lineup below! 
  2. Unparalleled Engagement – A full multimedia experience, CONVERGE21 lets you get your hands dirty in the world of ethics and compliance. Hear from and interact with global leaders, experts, colleagues, and peers virtually – and expect conversations to continue long after the event ends. 
  3. Deeper Dives – At CONVERGE 21, we don’t just explore the “what.” We look at the who, why, and how behind major ethical issues and possible resolutions. We look at compliance not as an isolated process, but as a larger piece of business and cultural strategy. 
  4. Unconventional Ideas – At Convercent by OneTrust, our values include getting uncomfortable. The conversations that take place at CONVERGE21 challenge conventions and encourage you to think outside the box, grow, and evolve. 
  5. Endless Inspiration – Prepare to be moved and inspired by the movement happening in E&C. We’ll Discuss ESG, the EU Directive, speak-up culture, social activism, and more – leaving no stone unturned in our quest for new ideas.  

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Our Unparalleled Speaker Lineup 

Each of our speakers brings something different to the table, but they all have one thing in common: their leadership and influence in the world of business. At CONVERGE21, we’re bringing together individuals who are at the forefront of innovation within the ethics and compliance industry–and the wider business community. Listen to them as they cover top trends in the industry, tips and tricks of a seasoned E&C professional, and ways in which they are truly providing an ethical impact to their organizations.  

What do Arianna Huffington (Founder and CEO Thrive Global and founder of The Huffington Post) and Bozoma Saint John (CMO Netflix Global, just named the World’s Most Influential CMO of 2021 by Forbes) have in common? They are both featured speakers, delivering keynote speeches at CONVERGE21!  

Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global and founder of The Huffington Post and Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix
CONVERGE21 Keynote Speakers: Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global and founder of The Huffington Post and Bozoma Saint John, Chief Marketing Officer at Netflix

Other speakers include: 

  • Asha PalmerChief Ethics and Compliance Officer and EVP of CONVERGE at Convercent by OneTrust 
  • Scott Schools, Chief Compliance and Ethics Officer at Uber 
  • Marianne FogartyChief Compliance Officer at Twitter 
  • Obi Madubuko, Chief Compliance Officer at Visa 
  • Patrick Quinlan, CEO at Convercent by OneTrust 

Don’t miss these speakers and many, many more of the brightest minds in ethics, compliance, and beyond! 

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What’s on the Agenda? 

Across the two days of CONVERGE21, pick from a wide selection of keynotes, CECO panels, and breakout sessions—all presented live, so you can ask questions and participate in the chat. Plus, baked-in networking breaks will give you the opportunity to connect instantly with other attendees.  

When it comes to topics, the CONVERGE21 team has packed the agenda with the most relevant and timely challenges that are facing compliance practitioners today. That means we’ll cover: 

  • The EU Whistleblower Protection Directive 
  • ESG and DEI 
  • Preparing for compliant, ethical IPOs and M&A 
  • Anti-retaliation 
  • Supply chain risk 
  • Artificial intelligence and its ethical implications 
  • Return to work 
  • Digital ethics 
  • Marketing your compliance program 
  • Fostering a speak-up culture 
  • And many more! 

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Make a Difference with One of
Our Three Charity Partners 

Our CONVERGE community knows that talking the talk is just the beginning; for CONVERGE21, we will also walk the walk by donating $5 to one of our three charity partners for each attendee. Passionate about the health of our oceans, animal rescue and adoption, or supporting exploited communities? Each attendee can choose which charity partner they want to send their donation to. Learn more about our inspiring charity partners below. 

 Animal Place

Founded in 1989, Animal Place is one of the oldest and largest sanctuaries for farmed animals in the country. Nestled on 600 acres in Grass Valley, California, Animal Place provides refuge to hundreds of neglected farmed animals. In addition to permanent sanctuary, Animal Place’s new Rescue and Adoption Center in Petaluma is focused on placing needy farmed animals into permanent homes.  

Sanctuary is important work, but Animal Place strives to create meaningful change for farmed animals through advocacy and education. Thousands of visitors flock to the sanctuary each year to learn more about the animals and farming.  

Follow Animal Place on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn 


Ocean Conservation Trust

To protect nature, you need to start with people. The Ocean Conservation Trust is here to restore and protect the Ocean. Their work is centered around people and positive action, focusing on pro-Ocean behavior and habitat restoration. The team of marine biologists, educators, communicators, researchers, and divers are all Ocean optimists who work tirelessly to connect people to the Ocean with an optimistic and solutions-based approach, centered around physical and emotional connections with nature.  

Follow Ocean Conservation Trust on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn



Unseen supports exploited people and tackles the systemic issues behind modern slavery. They focus on three main areas as they work towards a world without slavery: 

  • Supporting survivors and potential victims of slavery. Unseen provides safehouse accommodation, a free, 24/7 helpline and access to a range of specialist services that enable people to safely recover and develop resilient, independent lives. 
  • Educating and informing. They provide training, advice and resources to facilitate the identification and support of potential victims of slavery. 
  • Influencing systemic changes. Unseen uses their team’s experience and research to bring about transformative change in legislation, policy and society.  

Modern slavery is global, so Unseen operates in the UK and beyond, actively seeking to work with others to maximize their impact. 

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For all these reasons and more, consider joining us for CONVERGE21! Come to explore emerging trends, topics, and tools to enable you to better manage ethics and compliance. Stay for the keynotes, chats with CECOs, and workshops that will empower you to move the needle within your organization. Leave armed with new resources, best practices, and actionable ideas that can be put in practice in your program to take it to the next level. 

Ready to sign up? We hope so! Click here to save your virtual seat at CONVERGE21. We’ll see you there!