KPIs for Compliance, Managing Conflicts of Interest, & More: CONVERGE18’s Speaker Sneak Peek

A Sneak Peak Into the Compliance Industry’s Most Exciting Event

Meet the Speakers You’ll Learn From at CONVERGE18

CONVERGE18 is just around the corner (it’s October 9-11 — learn more and register here), and this year’s agenda will be full of actionable information, networking opportunities with fellow compliance professionals, and tons of fun.

The agenda is full of breakout sessions, roundtables, and general sessions from leading ethics and compliance professionals. Our speakers recently teamed up with Tom Fox (the man behind the ever-insightful FCPA Compliance Report) for a podcast series that provides a glimpse into their sessions. If you’re on the fence about joining us in October, these short, bingeable podcasts will be a great resource to help determine if this conference is right for you.

Philip Winterburn, KPIs Around Employee Engagement

Wednesday October 10, 8:30 – 9:15 am

Convercent’s Chief Product Officer, Philip Winterburn, joins Tom Fox to kick off the CONVERGE18 podcast series. The conversation is centered around employee engagement, including which specific KPIs compliance professionals can use to measure engagement, trust in the organization, and more.

Philip also discusses factors that indicate a healthy company culture, benchmarks he assesses when trying to boost reporting rates for employees, and why closing a case doesn’t necessarily provide a holistic picture of what happened. It’s a quick introduction to what you can expect during his opening keynote, and you’ll learn how to use Convercent’s newest innovations to leverage data and unearth valuable insights into the ethical health of your company.

Ellen Hunt, Your Journey to Serving on a Board

Wednesday October 10, 2:00 – 2:50 pm

We talk about setting the ‘tone at the top’ often, but this breakout session goes beyond theory. In this podcast episode, you’ll join Ellen Hunt (Senior Vice President, Audit, Ethics & Compliance Officer at AARP) as she introduces her session to Tom: Your Journey to Serving on a Board.

Attendees will benefit from Ellen’s extensive industry experience as she explains how CECOs can position themselves as a resource who can help accelerate business growth and success. If you’ve ever wondered how to get leadership to start asking themselves, “What are the possible ethical implications of this decision?” you don’t want to miss Ellen’s talk (or this quick podcast episode).

Eric Feldman, Lessons Learned Uncovering Perverse Incentives

Tuesday October 9, 2:00 – 2:50 pm

Perverse incentives act against the established best practices of a successful compliance program, and Eric Feldman (Senior Vice President at Affiliated Monitors) sits down with Tom to discuss how organizations can offer incentives that lead to ethical decisions.

During his CONVERGE18 session, Eric will share practical and theoretical approaches that companies can use to structure their incentive programs. Using case studies and recent news stories, he also plans to break down what failed, why it failed, and how companies can avoid these types of “ethical calamities” by incentivizing appropriate behaviors. If you’ve ever wondered how to reach an equilibrium between financial objectives and the core values of a company, don’t miss this talk.

David Bunker, Convercent Disclosures: Managing COI Risk in a Gig Economy

Tuesday October 9, 2:00 – 2:50 pm

In this episode, David Bunker (Compliance Officer at Vulcan Inc.) introduces a topic that’s increasing in importance for companies around the globe: How to successfully manage conflict of interest risks in the growing gig economy.

During his CONVERGE session, David will show attendees how to identify real conflicts, assess potential harm, conduct the contracting/hiring process, and more. There will be an emphasis on understanding team member roles so that appropriate training can be provided. Finding the right training for the right people is an ongoing process, but in this session you’ll learn about practical measures that can be used to conduct a risk assessment for contractors.

Sheryl Zaworski, Data Demands on Ethics & Compliance Professionals

Tuesday October 9, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

Sheryl Zaworski (VP, Director of Global Ethics Escalation, Investigation, and Analytics) recently spearheaded two important data-based projects at U.S. Bank:

  • Building an ethics dashboard aimed at delivering actionable insights to business leaders and executives, and;
  • An initiative to utilize data analytics to identify potential cases of retaliation against non-anonymous ethics hotline reporters.

Using her experience as a basis for the conversation, Sheryl will lead attendees through an engaging roundtable discussion about the constantly evolving demands that are placed on ethics and compliance professionals to produce data-driven insights and deliverables. She explains each project in more detail, and it’s worth a pre-conference listen: Attendees are encouraged to come ready to ask questions, share their experiences, and learn from peers.

Keturah Pestel, Be a Silo Buster! How to Champion Ethics Enterprise-Wide

Tuesday October 9, 1:00 – 1:50 pm

Keturah Pestel (Program Manager, Business Ethic and Legal Support Office at Thrivent) attended CONVERGE17, and this year we’re thrilled to welcome her back as a speaker. As she explains in this podcast conversation with Tom, today’s employees want to know that their company has an internal process for bringing up issues. However, internal silos can sometimes derail even the best laid plans. Using her experience at Thrivent to guide the discussion, Keturah will share the thoughtful and strategic process she used to develop the company’s robust code of conduct — complete with buy-in from Legal and HR.

During her breakout session, Be a Silo Buster! How to Champion Ethics Enterprise-Wide, you’ll hear all about the real things Keturah has done to bolster internal support, including strategies and tools that can be used in your organization to move beyond simple table stakes.

David Deitchman, Your Board Relationship

Wednesday October 10, 3:30 – 4:30 pm


Join David Deitchman (Former Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Global Head of

Employment Law, HP Inc.) as he and Tom discuss a perennially popular topic in our industry: board relationships. As David explains, the foundation starts with understanding the role of the board, including their exact needs.
Some of the questions he answers in the podcast include include:

  • What type of data should be presented to the board?
  • How do you develop a relationship with the person you’re reporting to on the board?
  • How should compliance professionals react when the board acts like a “grain of sand in your shoe”?

David’s thoughtful responses offer an insightful introduction into what you can expect at CONVERGE18. Before the roundtable, be sure to think about your own relationships with board members — attendees are encouraged to share their experiences so that everyone can learn from their peers.

Jacki Cheslow, What Did You Mean By That – Overcoming Communication Barriers

Tuesday October 9, 1:00 – 1:50 pm

Over the past several years, Jacki Cheslow (Director Business Ethics & Compliance, Avis Budget) has noticed that workforces are changing dramatically.

Today’s organizations are more diverse than ever, with multiple generations and cultures working together (often from locations that are as geographically diverse as they are).

Tune in to hear about Jacki’s recent success at Avis Budget, where she recently rolled out a digital code of conduct. It’s a great introduction into her CONVERGE18 breakout, “What Did You Mean By That?” Overcoming Communication Barriers. As Jacki explains to Tom in this podcast episode, compliance professionals have to get creative about communicating with these unique audiences:

In this session, Susan du Becker will join as a co-presenter, and attendees will learn how to deliver more effective compliance communications, no matter how diverse their audiences are.

Susan du Becker, What Did You Mean By That – Overcoming Communication Barriers

Tuesday October 9, 1:00 – 1:50 pm

Susan du Becker (Global Compliance Enablement, Cisco Systems) will join Jacki to discuss how we can all communicate more effectively. While both speakers work in different industries, Susan notes that both she and Jacki are extremely passionate about where their shared industry (compliance) is heading.

As she explains to Tom, compliance teams must understand how to support their organizations. A foundational component of this support is breaking down communication barriers. This episode will give you an even deeper look into how consideration for company culture, country culture, demographics, and more can be blended together for an effective communications strategy. It’s another engaging introduction into what will be a very insightful session at CONVERGE18.

If you agree with the following statement from Susan, be sure to add this session to your conference calendar:

Amy Much, Learn From My Mistakes: Fits and Starts When Building a New C&E Program

Tuesday October 9, 3:30 – 4:30 pm

When brainstorming topics for CONVERGE18,  Amy Much (Ethics & Compliance Officer, Under Armour) realized that the most valuable lessons she’s learned throughout her career came from mistakes.

As she shares with Tom, “Sometimes you just have to make a decision. Sometimes you just have to say, ‘I’m going to try this,’ and recognize that it might not work. If it doesn’t, there’s another way to do it.”

If you’ve ever been afraid of making a mistake as you build a new ethics and compliance program, or have made mistakes in the past (and who hasn’t?), this is the perfect roundtable discussion for you. Amy will use her experience building Under Armour’s program to guide the discussion, but attendees are encouraged to share their own trials and tribulations.

Will You Join Your Compliance Peers at CONVERGE18?

There’s nothing quite like CONVERGE, and we hope you’ll join us October 8-11 in Colorado.

Attendees will enjoy actionable insights, implementable strategies, cutting-edge solutions, and information from experts on how to transform their organizations by putting ethics into action. You’ll learn from compliance executives at Salesforce, Kimberly Clark, Avis, U.S. Bank, AARP, Wells Fargo and many others.

We’ll share more insightful podcast links as they’re released, but don’t hesitate to get registered today. Tom even has a surprise CONVERGE18 discount code for listeners: TOMFOXVIP. Head over to the podcast to see how much you can save (spoiler alert, the savings are big!), then register here.