Converge ’16: Summiting the Compliance Mountain – Together

Convercent held its first annual global user conference

Over 70 Convercent clients and prospects from around the globe gathered in the Mile High City last week, Sept. 14-16,  for a game-changing conference unlike what the industry has seen before. Starting the event off at Denver’s ART Hotel to wrapping up at Convercent HQ, our community was strengthened, empowered and connected.  

I can’t believe that Converge ’16 has come and gone….and what a week it was! From Wednesday to Friday afternoon, we were surrounded by customers, prospects and industry experts from across the globe, learning, networking, sharing and, of course, having a little fun!


Converge ’16 was Convercent’s first annual customer conference and premier compliance management event. The event was designed to provide our customers with actionable tools, insights and new strategies to elevate the expectations, performance and value of the Convercent product and their compliance program.

We strive to make Convercent as personal as possible and put faces behind names – Converge was structured around that very idea: making compliance personal. From the location to the theme and the keynote, the event was not like any other traditional industry conference.


The conference theme “Scaling The Compliance Mountain. Together” was all about reaching new summits and the importance of partnership. Without trust, teamwork, vision and goals it is impossible to reach your compliance summit whether that is taking your program to world-class where you are predictive and using analytics to making decisions or even if you are just beginning to build out your program and looking for new ways to collect data – the theme was weaved in throughout the entire conference.

Patrick Quinlan at Converge 16
SEPT. 16 2016 – Convercent CEO Patrick Quinlan approaches the Converge ’16 stage to kick-off the event.

“Our goal with this event was to bring global compliance officers together to talk about emerging trends, changes, challenges, and the exciting things that are happening in the industry,” says Patrick Quinlan, CEO of Convercent. “It was an extraordinary couple of days full of energy, enthusiasm and passion. We learned that the power of this community is much greater than the action of one. We will continue to work together to build a modern compliance platform that has a direct and meaningful impact.”

Keynote speaker Eric Alexander, Skier, Climber and Mountaineer, set the stage for the entire conference. He shared the details of his journey ascending Mt. Everest while assisting his blind climbing partner up the summit. Talk about trust! His inspirational story of summiting six of the seven tallest peaks is remarkable because it was not about him accomplishing his goals but more about playing an instrumental role in helping his teammate achieve their own goals. This really helped shape the conversations throughout the day — the importance of a trusted partnership between Convercent and their customers.


  • Compliance is changing at a rapid pace to constantly align with regulation, industry expectation, technology advances, and workforce shifts. The only way to achieve and sustain success is through a trusted partnership in your organization and with innovate outside partners.
  • Data is not the future it’s the now. Boards and senior leadership are looking to compliance to help the company improve and avoid risk by using data to lead the decision-making process and future strategic initiatives.
  • Fostering a transparent and speak-up culture is absolutely critical. No excuses. (Take a look at the current Wells Fargo scam). Compliance canno longer sit in the status quo. They need to change the culture, sustain an ethics-first mindset and ensure the tone, mission and vision of the company are threaded throughout the entire enterprise. Enable your company to be the best it can be by using culture and transparency as the foundation in everything you do.
  • Identify gaps in your compliance program by aligning your top priorities of the program. See where you can add or take away resources, what areas your company needs a compliance nudge and a reminder.

Mark your calendars! We hope to see everyone who joined this year at Converge ’17, Sept. 13- 15. And for those who couldn’t make it this year, we’d love for you to join us. Check the Converge website for more details.