Convercent Introduces Compliance Tech Talks

We're Bringing Modern Compliance To A City Near You


It is an exciting time for the compliance professional. Not only is the role of the compliance executive rapidly changing, but there is also more access to the CEO and board than ever before. According to last year’s NYSE Governance Services and SCCE 2014 Compliance and Ethics Program Report, 38% of CCOs report directly to the CEO, and 79% have a dotted line to the Board. With such high visibility to the CEO and board, compliance executives are able to demonstrate and bolster the value of compliance to business performance. There is no better way to learn more about this topic and hear how other CCO’s are shifting compliance to a business enabler, than to talk to your peers face to face. And, we have an easy way to do that…Compliance Tech Talks!

Convercent is excited to introduce a new event series, Compliance Tech Talks, coming to a city near you. Having done several roundtable events over the past few months, the feedback’s been overwhelmingly positive as we’ve been able to connect folks in compliance roles to chat about what they’re working on and the challenges they’re facing. Compliance Tech Talks will do just that by bringing together an exclusive group of compliance and business executives in that area for an engaging afternoon of collaboration and problem solving. Beginning on August 13th in Portland, OR and continuing throughout the fall until November 3rd in Cincinnati, OH., compliance managers and executives are encouraged to engage other experts as they explore the changing nature of compliance.


5 Reasons to Attend a Compliance Tech Talk

1. Learn from industry experts

Compliance programs are complex with far reaches and many initiatives…so why not hear from those that have already walked in your shoes. At every Compliance Tech Talk there will be at least 2 (maybe more) industry experts to kick off the session with a short tech talk. The tech talks will be 15-18 minutes and cover popular compliance topics including reporting and analytics, creating a culture of compliance, insights to drive world class compliance, bolstering the business case for compliance and more.

2. Hear from like-minded compliance professionals

It’s always nice to learn from industry experts, but sometimes the most beneficial conversations are the ones you have with someone who is actually walking in your same shoes. Share your day-t0-day challenges and learn how other people in your same position are tackling it. These conversations are more relatable and provide great insights that you can bring back to your organization and implement right away.

At a Compliance Tech Talk, attendees have 45 minutes to 1 hour for an interactive roundtable discussion allowing them to control the conversation. Is there a certain topic you have been interested in learning more about? Is there a compliance software you are looking to invest in? Chances are that someone at that table will have experience when it comes to that topic and can provide you advice on how to go about handling it.

3. Stay ahead on the latest compliance trends

The more information a CCO has, the better equipped they are to make data-driven decisions. The first priority is obviously to understand what is going on throughout your entire organization, but it’s also important to consider external information (such as industry trends, peer benchmarks and public opinion) and information on current and pending laws and regulations along with enforcement trends.

Convercent’s leader and CEO, Patrick Quinlan, will be at every Compliance Tech Talk where he can share first-hand information of current compliance trends that he is seeing and hearing every day from customers and prospects as well as the latest compliance trends in the news. All this information paired with the internal information compliance departments are tracking already, really allows CCO’s to start making connections and correlations about different aspects of their program and company culture.

4. Join a new community

Even though it is only a 2-hour event, you would be amazed on what kind of relationships attendees walk away with. The biggest request we’ve had from the roundtables this spring was to share email addresses with the small group so all the attendees could continue to the compelling conversations discussed at the event.  Since this profession is still evolving and a key goal of all programs is continuous improvement, it’s not surprising that compliance executives have formed a sense of community—and that openness doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. By working together, programs only become stronger and more effective.  And, since the event is in your city, the community you are creating is centrally located and easily accessible later down the road.

5. It’s free

Yes, you read that correctly! Compliance Tech Talks are free of charge. During each Compliance Tech Talk, we will provide food and drinks so attendees will not only leave with a plethora of compliance insights, but a full stomach as well.

Hope to see you there!