Convercent 4.0 is here and waiting for you

An inside look at the new features and functions of the latest product release, and how this can help you and your compliance teams better manage compliance and take a step into innovation

We are thrilled to share exciting news around our product maturity. Convercent 4.0 is not only the biggest release in our history as a company, but it is also one the biggest innovations you can bring into your program. That’s a lofty statement, but I am prepared to back it up.

This release is a game-changer for all of us living in the everyday realities of compliance. What Convercent 4.0 will provide to the industry is a truly streamlined approach that will position the company’s we represent and the employees we protect to operate as safe as possible, with high standards of accountability and one that keeps up the ever-changing demands of a global workforce.” – Karyn Boston, Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer, at Florida International University

This marks the latest milestone in our history and evidence of us continuing our mission to bring technology to the hands of compliance professionals so they can better combat bribery, modern slavery, corruption and many more crimes we see hitting the headlines around the globe each day. The impact of this release on the everyday life of a compliance officer is paramount. What is now offered inside the application is truly innovative for managing compliance and will help teams around the globe better safeguard their company.

Here’s what new:

  • Conflicts of Interest 2.0: the industry’s best conflicts of interest solution just got better with new enhancements that push the limits of innovation. This is totally reimagined from what you know today as conflicts of interest management. With a new way to manage disclosures, COI 2.0 transforms how you track and mitigate risks by implementing targeted questionnaires, with real-time visibility and robust analytics.
  • Smart Escalation: this is personally one of my favorite features of this release. It’s an entirely new and innovative way to escalate issues. With this feature, you set up pre-configured routing rules to catch keywords like job titles, key terms like “corrupt”, “bribe” and “government” for immediate escalation to senior members of the organization.
  • Translations across all solutions: the introduction of multi-lingual support now expands the effectiveness and reach of the solution exponentially within your company. By delivering your compliance messaging, whether through policies, training, or questionnaires, in the native language of the recipient you significantly increase the comprehension and retention.

Why you should care:
Managing and enforcing compliance is not an easy task. Getting your program to be “effective” in the eyes of the regulators is about enforcement, consistency and efficiency in managing processes. These new features of the application will allow you as a compliance professional and practitioner to free up your time from being buried in the tactical and manual and focus on long-term strategy, proactive measures and where to take your program. Workplaces, employees, industries and regulations are changing by the minute. There is no need to continue to run uphill when the breakaway means just running toward innovation and trying out a new way of doing things.

Goodbye Good Enough. Hello Innovation.
“Our commitment to you is that this product release speaks to the very core of who we are as a company,” Patrick Quinlan, CEO wrote in an email announcement to current Convercent customers “We want you to know that Convercent is dedicated to innovating the compliance industry.”

See what all the fuss is about by taking a deeper look at the new features first-hand. We’d love to cater this experience to what you are looking for — take a minute to fill out this form to let us know which solutions you may be interested in learning more about.