Centralizing Compliance and Ethics Communications in a Time of Crisis

Crisis compliance: From scattered policies to an interactive Ethics and Compliance Portal

In a time of crisis, like what we face with the global pandemic, centralizing compliance and ethics communications and reporting is critical to streamline interactions, maintain corporate culture and integrity, improve employee morale, and communicate expectations.

However, a lot of organizations are finding they are not prepared for crisis compliance. Consider that a lot of policies are changing right now, such as remote office worker policies, home office expense policies, and conduct policies. Other policies may not have changed, but employees still need to be reminded of them as they operate in a high-risk environment for fraud, privacy, customer/client communications, health and safety, and security.

In this current crisis, one large organization I was talking to discovered they had over 20 policy portals scattered in different departments. Policies were on different fileshares, Sharepoint sites, and ad hoc technology platforms. Policies looked different on each portal and used language inconsistently. Some policies were out of date.

When people are working from home, having 20+ policy portals works against the organization. If employees are not aware of revised policies, or it takes too much time to find a policy across a range of portals, or if the policy that was found on a fileshare is out of date and not appropriate for the current crisis, all this leads to confusion, frustration, and ultimately inadvertent or potentially malicious misconduct that chips away at the organization’s integrity and employee morale in a time of crisis.

Organizations need a central compliance and ethics portal to maintain corporate culture, improve morale, and maintain corporate integrity in a time of crisis. There should be a singular portal view into all the organization’s policies. Policies that have changed should be flagged, as well as policies that employees need to be reminded of in a time of crisis and change. Training should be readily accessible on the portal, as well as other resources, such as disclosure forms. Employees should be able to report issues and incidents related to policies and misconduct.

Let’s face it, employees have a lot of questions. They are in need of stability, and fear for the economy, their jobs, and their individual health and safety as well as that of their colleagues and loved ones. In a time of crisis, having a central portal for compliance and ethics communications is a foundational pillar to put employees at ease and guide the organization safely and ethically through uncertainty and chaos. An ethics and compliance portal is a great place for executives to post videos and communicate to employees to reinforce behavior and instill confidence.

Integrity and confidence are absolutely critical in this current environment. Organizations need to be doing everything possible to streamline communications and reinforce corporate culture and integrity.

From the Convercent team:

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