Announcing our first compliance podcast, The Ethics Movement

This season, we’ll unpack coronavirus and its impact on ethics and compliance

This week, we launched Convercent’s first-ever compliance podcast, The Ethics Movement, with cohosts Philip Winterburn and Tom Fox.

It feels like an odd time to be launching a new project out into the world. So much of life is on hold right now…but work is the one thing that hasn’t taken a break, at least not for us at Convercent. Our teams are full steam ahead with solving business problems in the ethics and compliance space. That said, even our work lives are far from normal. Project kickoffs, end-of-week happy hours, and everything else now take place over Zoom, Slack, and email. No more drive-by conversations or small talk by the espresso machine. All of the activity that would organically happen in an office setting must now be pursued intentionally.

With all that in mind, this very moment seems like it might actually be the perfect time to launch a podcast. We’re all starved for face-to-face connection, and headphone-to-headphone connection is rapidly taking its place. Industry events are on hold, likely for months—but having your go-to industry leaders available on-demand via regular podcast episodes isn’t a bad substitute.

When our team first tossed around the idea of a compliance podcast, things looked a lot different. We started planning in February, before anybody had an idea of what was coming. Even when cohosts Philip Winterburn and Tom Fox recorded episode one in early March, our team was still gathered in person at Convercent HQ in Denver. The world hadn’t yet ground to a halt—but we could feel it coming. Every day, the news out of Italy was worse. More cases were being reported in Washington and southern California. And it was clear almost from the get-go that business was headed for a major upheaval.

That’s why we decided to focus all of season one of The Ethics Movement on coronavirus and how it’s going to impact the world of ethics and compliance. That impact continues to unfold daily, with the long-term implications shrouded in fog. One podcast season may not even last long enough to see where we end up—but it gives us some time to map out the possibilities.

This season on The Ethics Movement

By now, we anticipate that most ethics and compliance professionals already have some idea of how massively their work will be affected by coronavirus. But to give you a preview of what we think the impact may look like, here are some of the topic areas we’ll likely cover:

  • Episode 1: Trust | Do you trust your employees, and do they trust you? How does an indefinite work-from-home situation impact compliance—and if your company provides an essential service, how can you ensure that your employees trust you to put their health and safety first?
  • Episode 2: Values and moral agency | Many outlets have already reported on the potential for fraud, corruption, and bribery during the pandemic. How can you ensure that your employees remain ethical while they’re subject to enormous amounts of pressure?
  • Episode 3: Whistleblowing and organizational justice | Here at Convercent, our customers have seen a major boost in reporting to their Helplines—largely labeled with the new COVID-19 issue type that we added in February. How do you get employees to engage with internal reporting options before they go public? We’ve already seen stories of some companies’ employees going to the press with accusations of unreasonable work expectations during a pandemic.

Regardless of how this pandemic plays out, we’ll be talking about the ethics and compliance of it all, every other week on The Ethics Movement. Tune in, subscribe, and leave us a review in whichever podcast app you choose.

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