2016 Compliance Tech Talk World Tour

Learn, connect and network in a city near you 

The dates are set, the cities are picked and we’re hitting the road to kick-off the second year of our roundtable discussion series. Here at Convercent, we are excited to present you our Tech 2016  Compliance Tech Talk World Tour. We hope you will join us, but, first let’s quickly cover why this is an event you won’t forget!
Compliance Tech Talk World Tour


It seems like yesterday, but it was nearly six months ago when we launched our new event series. We visited six cities where we learned, shared and met hundreds of compliance professionals. We learned that CCOs, GCs and other compliance executives love the opportunity — and find a lot of value in — learning new insights and sharing ideas about the intricacies of compliance with their peers.

We’ve used this momentum, energy and positive response to create an even bigger and better series for 2016. The year we have mapped out 18 stops including:

  • 12 new U.S. cities
  • 3 European cities
  • 3 repeat cities (we are coming back!)

In a majority of the stops, content is themed around one of compliance’s hottest topics: reporting. Every organization is looking for a more effective way to report on their compliance program — so let’s talk, share ideas and send you home with new ways to improve your organization’s program. Consumers, business buyers and government around the world are demanding greater proof and transparency. Compliance executives are expected to bring real intelligence to demonstrate and bolster compliance’s value through reporting and analytics.

The events will encompass:

Compliance executives’ roles are rapidly evolving. With more resources and greater access to the CEO and Board, there’s an increased impetus for compliance executives to demonstrate and bolster compliance’s value to performance—and opportunity to better align with strategic business objectives.

A few key topics to be discussed:

  • How reporting and analytics help better align compliance with business operations and strategic objectives
  • How to increase the relevance of compliance metrics and reports
  • How to quantify and measure the compliance program’s business impact


As we cross over the Atlantic and go throughout Europe, we will discuss ways for managing an effective whistleblower hotline. Below is the full event description.

These days, an effective whistleblower hotline represents a crucial element of any public or private organization’s Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) program. Indeed, it is often one of the first compliance initiatives that organizations put in place, and for good reason. As part of their hotline program, most organizations implement a ‘no retaliation’ policy, but what are the realities of retaliation, and what can organizations really do to monitor, manage and minimize retaliation?

Key topics that will be discussed include:

  • How hotlines help identify, prioritize and enable a response to emerging risks
  • What are the best practices for creating and maintaining effective hotlines
  • How contributing factors, multiple allegations and enhanced reporting capabilities provide meaningful insight into employee behavior
  • The realities of retaliation

Why should you attend a Compliance Tech Talk roundtable discussion? It’s simple: you get to learn, collaborate and network with your peers and bring back actionable insights to your organization.


The world of compliance is quickly changing, and so are your priorities, which can be challenging. The velocity by which it all changes can be daunting. With these events, you will hear from industry experts that are running best-in-class compliance programs.

They will provide first-hand advice on how:

  • To develop a program to be more involved with business objectives
  • To create more time with the Board
  • To use their compliance data to make proactive and predictive decisions

As helpful as it is to hear straight from industry experts, maybe you are not ready to jump to that world-class program just yet. You may be in the early stages of building it out. Don’t fret – you will get an hour to sit amongst and listen to your peers that have been in your seat before. You will get ideas, hear how they’ve solved challenges, how they are benchmarking, what training worked for them, and more.

Attendees have control over the conversations, which allows you total freedom to ask any and all questions, share what has worked for you or just sit back and take notes to apply to your program.


The more information a CCO has, the better equipped they are to make decisions. One of the biggest things we heard from the 2015 series was that the Board wants to know how your hotline calls, training completions, and other areas of your program are compared to other companies – and they want regular updates. However, benchmarking apples-to-apples is very difficult. Why not collaborate with results-oriented professionals to learn and hear about their experiences around topics such as:

  • Program Structure
  • Reporting & Metrics
  • Integration & Strategy

Look forward to our upcoming comprehensive research publication , which will highlight emerging trends and best practices around building, defending and enhancing the business case for corporate compliance.

Each Compliance Tech Talk event is a great opportunity to contribute to this research while hearing insights and discussions first-hand. And, of course, you will have access to the  data and an exclusive look at the published report. You will be one of the first in the industry to analyze key data and benchmarks of global companies, case studies and insights, comparative insights and data from the 2015 World’s Most Ethical Company recipients and leading compliance officers of global companies.


Connect with the compliance community and leave with a new networking circle. The first 30 minutes is solely focused on networking, which can be the most valuable takeaway. We help you build your rolodex by sharing attendee contact information following each event. Since the compliance industry is a close-knit group, not just within the same company, but with compliance executives at other companies, compliance professionals find great value in sharing and learning from each other and have no problem opening up and talking shop. You will build a new reliable, supportive network to throw ideas around, solve problems, and more.  By working together, compliance programs only become stronger with a goal to continuously improve.

We hope to see you there!