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ESG Compliance

ESG Compliance: The role of CCOs, CECOs and their teams

ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) is a growing initiative at companies around the globe—but what is the role of the compliance team in managing this challenge? I would argue that our role is to lead the charge, particularly given the […]

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Converge Workshop Website Background

Countdown to CONVERGE21: The Workshop Edition

Next week, over a thousand ethics and compliance practitioners will gather virtually for CONVERGE21: The Workshop Edition. This brand-new event format features eight two-hour workshops spread across two days and it’s unlike any other event in compliance. Want to know […]

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governance, risk, compliance

What is GRC and how does GRC impact Operational Risk?

GRC, also known as Governance, Risk and Compliance is a description of the strategy, processes, procedures, policies, and controls built to help businesses and organizations manage operational risk, and guide employees to work towards shared business goals and objectives.  We […]

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Convercent to Join Forces with OneTrust

Next stop, Trust. OneTrust!

It’s an exciting day to be a part of the Convercent community of teammates, customers, and CONVERGE participants. Today we announced we have joined OneTrust, the #1 fastest-growing company on the Inc. 500 and category-defining software platform to operationalize trust. Hear more about the acquisition […]

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how to build a speak up culture

How a Speak Up Culture Can Help You Mitigate Risk

Perhaps you’re already convinced that a strong speak up culture is essential to the health and performance of your company—after all, a quick search of the phrase “speak up culture” on Google yields 884 million results—but have you considered that […]

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Keys to Finding a Whistleblower Hotline Vendor

As more and more organizations are choosing to engage a third party whistleblower hotline vendor, companies new to hotlines often sign the contract and then ask the question, “Now what?” When we onboard new customers to our Helpline and Case […]

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Complying with Sapin II

Complying with Sapin II and AFA Guidance in 2021

Sapin II passed in 2016 and the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA) began publishing guidance for corporate compliance programs in 2017. Since then, the AFA has refined and continued to update their guidance, with the most recent update published in December […]

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Third Party Risk Metrics

Third Party Risk Metrics

Which third party risk metrics should you be measuring for not just an accurate third party risk assessment—but one that will satisfy regulators? The DOJ has focused on the final step in the lifecycle of a third-party relationship as a […]

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CECO SWOT Analysis Threats

A CECO SWOT Analysis for 2021: Understanding Your Threats

This series was written by Michael Rasmussen of GRC 20/20 in partnership with Convercent. GRC 20/20 provides insight on governance, risk management and compliance solutions through market research, benchmarking, training, and analysis. We are at the final stage in working […]

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