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Put your Helpline on the front lines

Coronavirus swept in late last year and abruptly changed life as we know it. But in our recent webinars and an upcoming episode of our podcast The Ethics Movement, we’ve been circling around a key theme: come back to what […]

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coronavirus compliance

Coronavirus compliance: Stay ahead of new business risk

With the profound impact that the coronavirus pandemic is wreaking on our world and our businesses, it’s more essential than ever to ensure that your company remains compliant. When we come out on the other side of this, you’ll likely […]

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Compliance Metrics 101: Measure compliance effectiveness

Compliance metrics, and how to measure compliance effectiveness, are a nearly universal pain point for CECOs and their teams. E&C teams are increasingly expected to report to the C-suite and Board of Directors with data and analytics—but often don’t have […]

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A COVID-19 action plan for compliance teams

The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and beginning to present significant risk to business, making it absolutely necessary to create a coronavirus action plan for compliance. With Apple’s revelation that they expect to miss revenue goals due to supply chain […]

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Creating a culture of engagement with your compliance program

Employee engagement and compliance

We’ve heard it time and again: increasing employee engagement with your compliance program is a serious challenge. Modern businesses are dealing with a younger workforce, team members that are scattered across time zones and cultures—not to mention business units where […]

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Leveraging Industry Guidelines to Measure Effectiveness

Converge19 had the pleasure of having Cheryl Forino Wahl, SVP / Chief E&C Officer of MetroHealth Systems present on Leveraging Industry Guidelines to Measure Effectiveness. Her insights are broken into 5 parts: Why Bother, The Standard, The How, Lessons Learned, […]

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Compliance Trust

Instilling Trust in a Decentralized Culture

Why try to instill trust? Converge19 had the pleasure of having speakers Jacki Cheslow from Avis Budget Group and Terry Stringer from HP tackle the challenge of instilling trust in a decentralized culture. They gave us insight into the benefits of instilling […]

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Marketing E&C

Think Like a Marketer

CCOs and CMOs Let’s address the obvious, not many see the connection between Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Marketing Officers. We could generalize CMOs as the creative types, right-brained, and emotionally driven; while we think of CCOs as realists, left-brained, […]

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CONVERGE19 – The Ethics Impact

Converge19 just wrapped up and I’ve left the conference feeling invigorated, inspired and made some new friends in the process. Like no other ethics & compliance conference, over 350 number of E&C practitioners, influencers, and industry analysts convened over two […]

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