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A global SaaS company that strives to drive ethics to the center of business for a better world™

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Convercent was founded in 2012 to solve ethics and compliance problems in the business world

Our Story

Transforming an industry is rarely easy, but we started Convercent in 2012 because we knew that ethics and compliance is one of the last and largest unsolved problems in the business world today. People want to do business with and work for ethical companies, but implementing ethics company-wide is a daunting task.

We know that driving ethics to the center has become more important than ever to sustainable business success, but that operationalizing ethics would require new tools. Some of the biggest companies in the world are still managing E&C with spreadsheets — or in a dozen different systems. We know there’s a better way.

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Our Values

Open + Honest Communication

We speak thoughtfully and respectfully. We realize the power of our words — and the power of their omission. We promise only what we’re certain to deliver and address hurdles head-on as they arise.


We steer relentlessly toward our company goals with our customers front of mind. Our focus is driven and constant with absolute purpose and passion.


We aim to set a positive tone and delight customers in all that we do. Our brand, vocabulary, products, marketing and communications have a positive, constructive purpose.


Innovation is rarely an accident. We challenge ourselves to reject complacency and try something unconventional, unusual—even uncomfortable. We encourage and embody a willingness to dream big and turn ideas into action.


Genuine curiosity put into action strengthens us as individuals, our business and our customer relationships. We ask questions of each other and of our customers, challenging our assumptions with what we discover.


Intentional design and thoughtfulness permeates everything that we do. We are all architects of our company and ensure there is a common thread between our product, brand, ethics, values and culture making it easy, seamless and enjoyable to do business with us.

Our Journey

Creating a whole new approach to ethics and compliance has been a long road, but we’ve stayed committed to our mission every step of the way.

Meet Our Leaders

Patrick Quinlan
Chief Executive Officer

Philip Winterburn
Chief Strategy Officer

Rachel Gerace
Chief People Officer

Lane Brannan
Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Jaffe
Chief Product Officer

Asha Palmer Headshot

Asha Palmer
Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer & EVP, Converge

Mark Erbele, EVP of Customer Success

Mark Erbele
Executive Vice President, Customer Success

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board advises Convercent leadership on a broad range of compliance issues and emerging industry trends, not only lending the company top-level insight but dynamically enhancing its relationship and value with customers.

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