Show Your Board the Power and Performance of Modern Compliance

These days, boards demand to see the connection between ethical business practices and positive business performance. Put your team in the driver’s seat of this conversation with live data, built-in reports, and analytics that they can easily understand. Spend less time preparing reports and more time telling a compelling compliance story with visualizations that track the impact of your program.

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Are you ready to answer the questions your board might ask?

These 45 questions will help you prepare for the critical discussions you will have with your board of directors about the health and effectiveness of your risk and compliance program.

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Break Down Your Data Silos

With our Insights, you can get an up-to-the-minute health check on company ethics, or do a deep dive into granular compliance metrics in one location, team, or hierarchy level.

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Data Centralization

Because Convercent is built on an integrated platform, you can see data from Disclosures, Helpline and Case Manager, and your Ethics and Compliance Portal in one dashboard.

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Root-Cause Analysis

Shine a light on issues from top to bottom, including risks, trends, and root causes that a traditional assessment might not uncover.

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Identify Risk Areas

See hot spots, gaps, and potential exposure with greater visibility into your processes and controls—giving you a whole new perspective on risk.

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Get up-to-the-minute data

Identify risks the moment they happen and see trends develop in real time. No more exporting data from one system to another—with Insights, you get a live look at data from Helpline reports, disclosures, and more. Insights is your key to moving past reactive compliance, to a fully predictive program.

you start to combine disparate data sets…allow[ing] us to create these, what I call, actionable insights in ways we just haven’t had the ability to do it before.

Alan Gibson
Assistant General Counsel, Office of Legal Compliance at Microsoft

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Benchmark Your Ethics & Compliance Program

Refine your compliance program strategy by comparing your data to best-in-class programs, or benchmark within your organization with the first real-time ethics & compliance benchmarking tool. Now you can get quantifiable analysis and world-wide context to support better business decisions and investment in your program.

Compare your program by:

  • Industry
  • Company Size
  • Department
  • Geography

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See the power of an integrated compliance solution.

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