A Defensible Compliance Program Can
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Enforcement history related to bribery, fraud, and corruption has made it clear—a well-designed and implemented program (including policies, training, communication and tracking) can keep your organization from facing penalties.

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Centered entirely around your organization’s personally identified and prioritized risks, Convercent allows you to manage every aspect of your compliance program from a single, fully integrated platform. When everything is working in tandem it’s surprisingly easy to measure success, pinpoint weaknesses and dig into the data you need, without having to dig up the data first.

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A Holistic Approach to Anti-corruption

A traditional, siloed approach where training, ongoing communication, policy attestations, reporting, and incident tracking are separate processes makes it hard to spot corruption, bribery, and fraud before they get out of hand. Convercent allows you to manage every aspect of your compliance program on one fully integrated platform. When all your compliance initiatives are connected, you can spot issues right away and even predict future outcomes.

Whistleblowing and Case Management

Give employees and third parties a safe, anonymous way to speak up and report their bribery, fraud, and corruption concerns. Our hotline is designed for the reporter. With fewer barriers and human-centric intake, reporters can tell their story. With integrated case management, you can close cases faster with no negative impact to substantiation rates.

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Compliance Policy Manager Software

Policy Management

Ensure that your stance on bribery, fraud, and corruption is crystal clear to employees with a central policy dashboard. Intuitive interface makes attestations easy, and version control ensures that your team and outside auditors can see the exact state of a policy at a given point in time. Plus, you can use the Campaigns feature to target policies to exactly the right employees at the moment they need to see them, with custom reminder emails to be triggered by late completion.

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Employee Training and Learning

Ensure that your employees, vendors, and third parties are equipped to spot bribery, fraud, and corruption. Our scalable Learning Management System ensures that training is delivered to the right audience at exactly the right time—not just once a year. You can view real-time training and policy status for any employee, department, or region and pair your training with solutions like Policy Manager, Helpline, Disclosures and more for powerful insights.

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Don’t just uncover fraud, bribery, and corruption—predict and prevent it with an integrated approach

Corruption and bribery are not easy issues to solve, but ignoring them isn’t an option. Convercent frames the issue in the way that makes the most sense — in the guise of the risk that corruption and bribery issues pose.

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