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Recorded Webinar: How to Conduct Effective Risk Assessment

Keeping ahead of the curve with modern day risks

The best way to prevent compliance calamities is to identify them ahead of time through risk assessment. 

It’s becoming more and more important by the minute to run a high-quality business in today’s challenging market landscape. From globalization intricacies to workplace nuances, it’s imperative for a compliance executive and their teams have an integrated approach to improve your organization’s ability to identify and address risk on a sustainable an effective basis.

Join experts from ECI and Convercent in this on-demandone-hour session lead by leading industry experts you will learn:

  • A practical way to look at your operations and identify potential ethics and compliance risk within your organization (i.e., cyber security, fiscal credit, legal risk, IT infrastructure)
  • Sustainable strategies to proactively manage compliance risks
  • Insight into how risk assessments are viewed and judged from a legal framework standpoint
  • First-hand knowledge on how to implement a tangible risk assessment practice that draws from high-level theory, and implementation to every day practice so you and your company are operating safely, transparently and ethically at all times

Watch the Recorded Webinar: