The Reality of Conflict of Interest Risk

The Conflict of Interest Risk Challenge

Conflicts of interest constantly create challenges and risks for ethics and compliance professionals. Click below and learn how a dedicated disclosure manager can engage, educate, and generate a holistic view of risk.

Identifying and understanding all of the conflict of interest risks that exist in concert with each other is considered a challenge for Ethics and Compliance executives, as regulators repeatedly see companies fail to properly identify and then appropriately address their conflicts proactively.

Increasingly, organizations acknowledge that conflict of interest risk isn’t limited to senior employees, but feel they don’t have the resources to expand their program to a wider employee population. However, technology is squashing the perception that a more robust Conflict of Interest program requires manual, cumbersome management – covering all your employees doesn’t have to create hours of additional work.

Elevate Your Compliance Program

What if you could visualize every potential conflict of interest in one place? What if gifts, financial interests, outside activities, personal relationships, and more could all be organized for careful analysis?

Convercent Disclosures gives ethics and compliance professionals a central dashboard for disclosure information, empowering them to analyze potential risks and maintain compliance with FSG, SOX, NYSE 303A, COSO, and more. Click below to get more information and take the first step on your journey toward holistic risk visibility.

Elevate Your Compliance Program