Sapin II Summary

A New Era of French Anti-Corruption Legislation

In this short guide, you can quickly understand the why and how behind France’s Sapin II law, and how it impacts modern compliance and ethics programs in any business sector. Click on the images below for a direct download.

Bribery and corruption cases are popping up more and more in headlines as compliance and ethics programs mature and go global. The fight against bribery and corruption continues to be a challenge for global programs and the impact on business — and on the bottom line — when bribery and corruption occurs is sometimes irreversible and most certainly damaging.

For countries like France, where the issue has been historically perceived as limited, particularly with regard to overseas corruption involving foreign officials, bribery and corruption legislation has fallen to the backburner. The first bill of the same nomenclature, Sapin I, was enacted in 1993 and brought significant change to the country’s corruption enforcement.

Sapin II, brought into legislation in November 2016, allows for the prosecution of foreigners living in France or managing a French company for corruption, including that committed overseas. Learn more by downloading the summary below.

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