Reporting Effectiveness Over Activity

OCEG’s latest Measurement and Metrics Guide encourages ethics and compliance programs to integrate with business goals. Discover how efficiently that can be accomplished with the right tools for your organization.

Implement a GRC measurement strategy to effectively manage your program and preserve your premium brand and success in the market.

Take a sneak-peek at the insights video we’re offering, to see what type of tools and functionality are necessary for active reporting, real-time benchmarking and comprehensive GRC metrics.

As you saw in OCEG’s most recent report, A Practical Guide About GRC Metrics & Measurement, OCEG is helping ethics and compliance executives, directors, and other senior managers understand how to report on program performance of GRC, or governance, risk and compliance capabilities.

While many integrity programs measure and report on activity, it’s actually program effectiveness that is most important to your board and the ethical health of your program. It is necessary to weave ethics and compliance goals with strategic business goals for increased success and effectiveness throughout the organization.

In this insights video you’ll see how advanced and innovative tools can help you report what your board wants to know, while improving the effectiveness of your program long-term.

  • Automate executive level and board reporting from both an operational and effectiveness standpoint.
  • Get quick temperature checks on the health of your compliance program in one easy-to-understand dashboard.
  • Use KPIs to identify hotspots, micro trends, top ten issues and top sanctions.
  • Determine operational efficiency based on the number of open cases and time-to-close investigations.
  • Identify specific issues by department, geography, and type of case using internal benchmarking statistics such as intake method and anonymity within the organization.
  • See how your program compares to your peers’ with real-time industry benchmarking.

In alignment with a GRC measurement strategy, as described in OCEG’s Guide, your program must use interactive tools that work together to make reporting easy.

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